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F1 Drivers Annoyed at Anticlimatic Monaco GP

F1 Drivers Annoyed at Anticlimatic Monaco GP

McLaren driver Fernando Alonso was one of many drivers to criticise the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix. The former F1 double world champion dubbed it “probably the most boring race ever”.

The Spaniard was set for a sixth consecutive points finish after running in P7 for much of the race.

Unfortunately, a gearbox problem made Alonso the first DNF victim of a fairly subdued race in Monte Carlo.

Fernando Alonso

“Extremely boring. I mean, this is probably the most boring race ever,” Alonso said.

“Without a safety car, without yellow flags, I think the sport needs to think a little bit about the show because this is very disappointing.

“Probably the most boring race ever in Formula 1.

“So I think we probably need to give something to the fans at the end of the race just to pay the ticket back a little.”

Alonso attributed the lack of action to the characteristics of the Monaco track rather than the cars themselves.

He added: “I think it’s just Monaco, it’s the way it is. I think it was quite boring without a safety car or anything.

“We just start in our qualy position and we run until the chequered flag in that position.”

Meanwhile, reigning F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton called for the Monaco GP to be updated.

Hamilton finished a frustrated third and was alarmed by the nature of the race. The field consistently lapped over five seconds slower than Daniel Ricciardo pole position time. “We were just cruising around from lap six,” said Hamilton. “It wasn’t really racing. Ultimately we were turned down and just cruising around to make sure we got to the end.”

“I am telling you, we are doing everything we can to win. [Sometimes] we win, then Ferrari win, then Red Bull win. I personally love it and it is challenging me more than I can express. It is the biggest challenge I have had.”

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