Codemasters’ F1 2020 Game Has a Big Problem That Needs to Be Fixed

May 5, 2020 2:51 pm

Codemasters’ most ambitious project, F1 2020 hasn’t even released yet, but the game already has issues. Turns out, F1 2020’s interpretation of Zandvoort is a bit too far-fetched. According to circuit architect Jarno Zaffelli, there are a few differences between the actual track and its virtual counterpart.

F1 2020 has an important issue

Zandvoort is one of two new Circuits that F1 added to its 2020 calendar. However, the sport hasn’t been able to go racing on either track due to the ongoing epidemic. The lack of real-life running was a genuine cause for concern and Codemasters now have a big headache.

Codemasters recently teased  F1 2020’s gameplay with a lap around the newly added Dutch Grand Prix. While it looked spectacular, it lacked a fair bit of realism.

The Zandvoort circuit is unlike a conventional race track. It features several banked corners, making the layout challenging and a little complex. Furthermore, circuit authorities modified the track a few months ago. The race track features several reprofiled corners with varying banking angles.

It was always going to be a challenge introducing a new circuit in-game, unfortunately, Codemasters have got it all wrong.

Speaking to F1 Maximaal, Zaffelli revealed several discrepancies in the game.

“Although it is still a work in progress, a number of things do not correspond to reality”

It is especially clear to me that the corners are noticeably less dramatic than is the case in the real world. The old, unchanged corners are pretty much the same, but the Hugenholtz bend, for example, is much steeper in real life.

“In the game, the corner even looks somewhat flat. This is very different to what the drivers will experience in real life,” 

“It is what makes the circuit such a big challenge for the drivers – a lot of corners are blind

“I assume they did not receive an update since the track was rebuilt. Dromo (Zaffelli’s company) was not approached for that, but it does not alter the fact that we would like to help to get the circuit in the most realistic way possible,”

Physics hasn’t always been Codemasters’ strong suit. Introducing major changes to a pre-existing circuit is a challenge, but they can fix it. There’s still over 2 months to go before the game’s official release, giving Codies plenty of time to make the important changes.


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