Codemasters Unveil Major New Updates and a New Manager Role for the F1 2020 Game

April 28, 2020 6:40 pm

One of the biggest new additions in the upcoming F1 game is the new “My Team” mode. In F1 2020, players can enter their own custom teams as the 11th Constructors in career mode. Players can compete as a new 11th addition in traditional career mode and fight for Championship glory. Codemasters’ Lee Mather, who is the F1 2020 game director, opened up on the new inclusion in the game.

F1 2020 has a revamped career mode

The biggest challenge that players will face in the upcoming game is balancing racing and managing. Racing an F1 car through career mode is one thing but managing a team throughout a season is a whole other ball game. It opens a world of possibilities that were previously unexploited in F1 games. Strategic decisions, developmental priorities, and driver management will make for a pleasant change in career mode.

Speaking to Red Bull, Mather said:

“We’re giving the player the chance to enter their team into the Formula 1 World Championship. Players will have to manage both the running of the team and produce the results out on the track”

“The player will be responsible for all departments needed to run the team. These range from those which impact on pure performance, to departments who work to get you the best sponsorship and media deals, to those responsible for driver and staff training”

While racing is an exciting part of F1 games, many fans have long yearned to emulate some of the behind the scenes roles. Taking strategic calls that have a direct impact on the team’s performance is a welcome change in F1 2020.

“Engaging with the driver market and picking the most lucrative sponsors will also play a crucial part in creating a successful team.”

Mather also elaborated on the managerial part of career mode.

“You’ll want to put in a strong performance on the track, but if you don’t take care of your second driver, and help them to improve, you’ll struggle to become a constructors champion.”

“Picking the right sponsors and knowing where to invest will be crucial. You might want a high-profile driver, and have the cash to hire them,”

“But they won’t stick around if you can’t provide the level of facilities they expect of a championship-winning team

Getting the “boardroom” experience and leading a team through a championship is sure to challenge players’ skill and strategy. F1 2020 releases July 10, 2020.

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