Daniel Ricciardo Has Sad News for Fans Regarding His Esports Plans

By 2 months ago

With drivers slowly embracing the world of Esports, it’ll be fascinating to see the entire grid battling it out online one day. However, as of now, only 6 current F1 drivers have confirmed their participation in tomorrow’s Virtual Grand Prix. One of the sport’s most beloved drivers – Daniel Ricciardo, is yet to make his Esports debut but will we see him in the virtual world anytime soon?

Daniel Ricciardo on Esports

The current driver lineup’s participation in F1’s Esports events hasn’t grown leaps and bounds. Drivers are slow to adopt the F1 2019 game but it’s getting there.  Sunday’s Virtual Australian Grand Prix will feature drivers such as Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris and 4 others.

Adding Riccardo to the mix would certainly spice things up. Imagine a race where the drivers are can chat live as they race and push for virtual glory. It’ll be an absolute riot having drivers like Ricciardo and Norris engage in banter. If F1 can somehow convince Kimi to participate, the fans will go crazy.

Unfortunately, Ricciardo hasn’t quite embraced Esports. The Aussie is currently in self-isolation in Australia and opened up on what he was up to.

Speaking to Ziggo Sport, Ricciardo said:

Well quarantined, here in Australia, it’s a bit sunnier than in Europe. I’m just trying to keep fit.

I haven’t really immersed myself in virtual racing yet, but we do have some buggies here that allow you to drive through the terrain. I do rally driving to stay sharp. That’s how I keep my focus and stay alert. I have plenty of room here,”

Ricciardo regrets not being able to race at Zandvoort

The Aussie also expressed regret at not being able to race in Zandvoort. As a precautionary measure, F1 postponed the Dutch Grand Prix and 5 other races. However, considering the popularity of the race and Max Verstappen’s influence, F1 may very well still try to get the race back on the calendar.

It really sucks that Zandvoort has been postponed. Hopefully, that will come later on the calendar. I was really looking forward to that Grand Prix”,

I’m waiting until I can race again. I hope the virus disappears and people recover quick”

With no real-life racing, fans can only turn to Virtual races and Esports event to watch a few of their favourite drivers battle it out.

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