F1 Esports: Top 5 Things We Want To See In Codemasters F1 2020 Game

April 10, 2020 7:23 pm

Formula 1’s official video game, Codemaster’s F1 2020 is highly anticipated in the current situation. As Formula 1 races are moving from tracks to consoles and real drivers are batteling it online on virtual tracks. Even F1 has launched its virtual series to keep up with the trend. Thus making this year’s Codemaster F1 2020 all the more important.

The F1 2019 captures the sport’s feel in a very nice way, but it does lags in certain areas. And we can’t wait to see what upgrades Codemaster will bring this year. So, here is a list of five things that we want to see in the F1 2020 game.

Things we want to see in F1 2020

Road To Formula 1

We would like to see an improved junior formula career mode with realistic promotions of junior drivers. Junior career should start from F3 or F2 and drivers need to battle to the top of championship table to get a promotion to Formula 1.

Add New Tracks And Upgrade Existing Tracks

Add new tracks like the Zandvoort and the Hanoi Street Circuit. Improve the existing tracks, most of the curbs in F1 2019 are flat and need a change.

Better Safety Car Integration

Safety Car just triggers randomly sometimes, but when there is an accident it doesn’t come out. Random VSC/SC should be removed but if there is an actual incident at a dangerous part of the track VSC/SC should come out.

Overhaul The Online Gameplay

Dirty racing is a major issue in F1 2019 online championships. Codemaster should look into penalty improvements to curb dirty racing in online games. Recently, F1 driver George Russel gave us a display of his inner ‘dirty racer’ in a practice race.

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Improvement in AI

AI driving in multiple lines, as opposed to what we currently have where the AI always forms trains. And more complex AI with real race-style technical failures, battles and crashes. The ‘bot’ player in online races should have a more complex driving style.

When will the F1 2020 game launch?

The Coronavirus pandemic is changing the way sporting events are organized worldwide. More and more sporting events are moving towards a virtual world. Esports is at an all-time high and multiple virtual racing series are being launched with F1 heavyweights like Max Verstappen and Lando Norris.

Codemaster released the F1 2019 game in July last year, but we expect a delay in the release of F1 2020.

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