F1 Future of Interlagos in Doubt

By 2 years ago

The Brazilian Grand Prix made its debut in 1972 at the Interlagos circuit. However, it was not part of the Formula One World Championship at the time. But, as time progressed, it became a fan favourite race on the F1 championship calendar.

However, according to the latest rumours, developments are underway in Rio de Janeiro. The plan is to create a brand new circuit designed by Herman Tilke. If the plan goes ahead, it could spell doom for Sao Paulo in terms of hosting an F1 GP.

Rio has not had a race track since 2012, when the Nelson Piquet Autodrome was demolished. This was done to make way for the construction of the Rio 2016 Olympic Park. A new racetrack was a commitment made by Brazilian authorities before the IOC. Now, MotoGP is eyeing the venue for its Brazilian GP set for 2021.

Furthermore, the mayor of Rio, Pastor Marcelo Crivella, intends to announce the transfer of the Formula 1 race from São Paulo to Rio. The bidding for the implementation, operation and maintenance of the autodrome of the Park will take place on February 21st. If successful, it would be the first step toward the loss of Interlagos on the F1 calendar.

The Interlagos circuit

São Paulo, is at a continued risk of real estate speculation, and this has escalated again for 2019. Security risks of the race track are foremost on Liberty Media’s mind, with armed escorts being a common sight to protect the teams and VIPs during a GP weekend.

The new Rio track promises a safe environment with modern safety standard in place. This is due to the freedom of being purpose built in an open space. With 20 corners, the 5.4 kilometre circuit will provide modern paddock facilities with easy access to the city for spectators, and unlike Interlagos – there’s less crime risk as there’s not a Favela located next door to the track.

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