Renault Vows to Increase Their Budget With Growing Budget Cap for 2021

June 20, 2019 8:45 pm

In the next few hours, Renault shall enter their home Grand Prix event. And in the 2019 season, it can be safely said that Renault happen to be among the most improved sides on the grid. Recently, at the 2019 Canadian Grand Prix, both their drivers featured among points for the first time in the season. This was a marked improvement for Nico Hulkenberg in particular as the experienced German driver last scored vital points in the season opener at Australia.

Giving him company was Daniel Ricciardo who would jump to his personal best finish of the season, following his P6 at Montreal.

So far, Renault have finely adjusted to the challenges of being a midfielder. Not a side that has been punching above its weight nor one that’s significantly underachieved, Renault in 2019 are defined by strong corner speed and a marked consistency especially from the onset of the race at Shanghai.

They’ve been finishing way ahead of Alfa Romeo whilst challenging the likes of Toro Rosso and Haas, two outfits that are near to the same race pace and power as the French team.

But that said, one wonders what lies ahead in the all-important 2021 season for the Cyril Abiteboul-led side? It appears, in 2021, there’ll be some interesting challenges awaiting the French racing outfit particularly from the standpoint of meeting the proposed budget cap.

Currently, the Abiteboul-driven outfit are well below in terms of the overall spending vis-a-vis the top three teams in Formula 1 and where the future is concerned, it appears that the side may have its task cut out in order to meet the budget cap. On that note, the current team principal happened to share the following:

“We are well below. In no shape or form is it a saving opportunity for usWe are just thinking about what we need to do: whether we need to freeze the current level because we think it is way below but high enough to be competitive, or we need to increase. We may have to increase because it [the budget cap level] is higher than we were anticipating. Substantially higher. But it is a discussion that we need to have with our shareholders because that is not a decision I can make myself.”

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