F1 Journalists Get their Belongings Stolen Near Track

By 2 years ago

In a rather concerning incident, a robbery occurred ahead of the next day of pre-season F1 test. The victim was AMuS’ Tobi Gruner, but fortunately nothing was stolen, as evidenced in his tweet.

Our car has been broken in again. Nothing stolen of course, as we never leave stuff inside. Our windows have already been smashed last year during the Grand Prix. It’s not funny anymore.

However, fellow F1 journalist, Luke Smith wasn’t so lucky when his car was also broken into on the same night.

H further added, “All material stuff, but still stings. Looking forward to getting back home later this week”

As it turned out, even his passport was among the missing items.

According to one observer, such incidents only happen in the press parking section. At last year’s GP, there were no incidents in the fan parking.

Other Twitter users reported similar incidents.


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