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F1 Launches an Ultra Expensive Line of Perfume Starting at $10000 USD

F1 Launches an Ultra Expensive Line of Perfume Starting at $10000 USD

Recently, industrial designer Ross Lovegrove partnered with F1 for an interesting project.  The Welshman was inspired by nature and its evolutionary process and the advances in digital technology.

Now, he is attempting to revolutionise the perfume sector, with the help of Formula One. To achieve this, he designed three 3D-printed metal perfume bottles, which premiered ahead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2019. It is said that the sculptural objects embody the spirit of F1 and appear almost futuristic.

“These designs are only possible in their complexity through this new technology: additive 3D printing,” Lovegrove said. “The thing is, between metal printing of titanium and the stainless steel variant, they’re almost impossible to copy because they’re so complex, as is a F1 car, so it’s a self-protecting, self-defining form of design.”

Instead of a conventional approach like a bottle shaped like an F1 car, Lovegrove chose a different aesthetic. This approach simply screams high-tech and refined, just like the racing cars that are state of the art and sophisticated.

The bottles themselves are encased by a type of exoskeleton, and feel like trophies when picked up. The feminine Agile Embrace bottle is a gold-plated, 3D-printed titanium bottle with strong, flowing lines that envelope the inner core. It is a reference to an F1 car’s structure and how it protects the driver.

Then comes Fluid Symmetry, which is directly influenced by the wishbone-shaped cockpit protection halo cage. This fragrance is encased in 3D-printed blasted titanium draws based on the car’s aerodynamic principles.

Finally, In 3D-printed stainless steel and the tallest of the three, Compact Suspension has been designed as a space frame with multiple layers that suspend the inner flask inside a powerful geometric pattern.

Lovegrove opted for 3D printing, which is all about generating forms. Previously largely reserved for aircraft or spaceship parts, 3D printing in metal has now been used for the first time in the universe of perfume.

Lovegrove discloses, “What I’ve learned from this project is that the course I’ve taken in my design language over the last 25 years, which is sometimes against the grain of what people think looks cool, is slowly coming into reality as an esthetic that can combine the emotional status of nature and the scientific status that we need to be authoritative in the way that we use resources and innovate.”

The perfume bottles are 3D printed by a manufacturer in Germany, with Lovegrove having worked on this project on a daily basis for the best part of two years, tackling both design and engineering with a constantly-engaged team of 12, after UK-based Designer Parfums had initially approached him out of the blue.

Buyers may choose from a collection of five rich, woody, intense, spicy and sensual unisex haute parfumerie scents inspired by the energy and excitement of F1, which have been orchestrated by three different German and Swiss fragrance producers Symrise, Firmenich and Givaudan.

When the perfume runs out, the flasks may be replaced, and Lovegrove envisions that collectors will keep the exoskeletons in their homes like treasured sculptures. Each of the three luxury designs retails for $10,000 inclusive of local tax and is available in a limited and numbered edition of 20. Over the course of 2020, additional finishes will be created.

On sale at the F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2019, customers may subsequently register interest at the official Designer Parfums website As each piece will be made to order, expect to wait three to six weeks for delivery.

A $250 premium edition with exoskeleton in digital light synthesis 3D-printed technopolymeric resin will be launched at the F1 Australian Grand Prix on March 15, 2020, before being rolled out in select stores worldwide as of April 2020.

Ross Lovegrove
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