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F1: Louder Engines On the Cards in Near Future

F1: Louder Engines On the Cards in Near Future


Reports have been coming in to confirm that the Formula One Management are planning to install exhaust microphones. The move is aimed at making the sport ‘louder’ for the TV viewing fans. Ever since the introduction of the 1.6 litre V6 engines, fans have been complaining that the engines are softer. To that end, F1 commercial managing director Sean Bratches stressed on the need to attract worldwide audiences.

Sean Bratches

“One of the things that we want to amplify going forward are the sounds of the sport, because they are viscerally moving to fans and critically important in all the research that we do”. Also involved in the project is Australian producer David Hill. He is a man with a stellar reputation in sports television and broadcast innovation. Hill is working on developing a ceramic microphone that can adhere to the exhaust pipe. In theory, it will help get the true amplification of sound for fans.

The older generation feel that the sport would have been better off with the screaming V10s and V12s. But the V10 wail has returned to the racetrack through the introduction of a two-seater programme. This programme is an initiative by former Minardi boss Paul Stoddart.

How have Liberty Media Helped?

Since Liberty Media’s arrival, the sport has been witnessing a renaissance of sorts. Fresh camera angles, apertures and positioning have been aiding in enhancing the viewer spectacle. On an unrelated note, the introduction of the F1 Esports Series has also helped in bringing the fans closer to the action.

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