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F1 mirrors make us blind: Magnussen

F1 mirrors make us blind: Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen has come up with a bizarre new claim to justify his blocking move on Charles Leclerc at the Japanese Grand Prix almost a month ago. The Dane feels that F1 mirrors are to blame for his late move.

F1 race director for the FIA, Charlie Whiting, had cleared Magnussen of wrongdoing post the race but later admitted that he had in fact moved too late and should have let Leclerc past.

When asked about it, Magnussen had this reply, “These cars are really bad. You can only see [a car behind] when he’s at an angle so either in a corner or off-set. “Right behind you, you’re blind.”

Magnussen felt that the F1 mirrors are a hindrance

He did agree with the F1 race director- that he was at fault for the incident. “I obviously knew about his opinion from the press thing that he did. I have to say I think he was right to change his opinion, because it was too late that I moved over. “

Though the claim may sound strange at first reading, Magnussen went to explain how the mirrors fitted in the F1 beasts function. “The problem is that you can’t see the guy behind you until he moves. Then you can see him. That’s a problem that we need to fix all together,” he said.

“Poor rear visibility has been a common complaint since revised aerodynamic rules – and in particular the wider rear wings – were introduced last year. You’ve got the rear wing so when the guy’s right behind you, you don’t see.” 

“As soon as he moves out that’s when he becomes visible. So you can’t do anything but react when you see,” Magnussen added.

Magnussen and Grosjean will team up in F1 once again next year

Haas have not had the smoothest of years in 2018. It started with both cars retiring from the Australian GP after faulty pit-stops and then Grosjean had his infamous run of poor races, some of his own volition, to cost them crucial points.

Now, Magnussen has run into some problems but they’ll be hoping to put all of this behind them in the final two races.

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