Multiple Formula 1 Races Under Threat of Cancellation Because of Coronavirus

Published 02/27/2020, 11:54 AM EST

The worldwide coronavirus emergency could toss 2020 Formula 1 season into confusion. Till now, Race in China has been delayed, and now the races in Australia, Bahrain, and Vietnam are in question.


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F1 CEO Chase Carey said in a video conference that the Formula 1 is surely going to start as planned.

He said, “We are heading to Melbourne, heading to Bahrain and heading to Hanoi”


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However, even in Barcelona for winter testing, Members from Italy based Ferrari and Alpha Tauri teams are working from home.

FIA and F1 teams are doing a series of meetings on this issue in Barcelona. Above all, the greatest concern is the logistics and travel arrangements for team staff to fly into nations with travel restrictions.

Alfa Romeo boss Beat Zehnder said that just creative logistical solutions may not even be sufficient to solve the problem as its unknown how the situation will develop.

Formula 1 Teams Show Concern Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Ferrari F1 boss Mattia Binotto revealed that the team has placed some travel restrictions on its employees.

He said, “A number of engineers did not come here as a precaution,”

“So it is definitely a concern for us. We are being cautious and ensuring we are acting properly.”

Red Bull’s Dr. Helmut Marko raised a concern that Coronavirus could really have a major impact on the game.

He said, “Australia is already not allowing people to come in through Singapore or Hong Kong, and to Bahrain from Dubai. They are all important transfer points for many people,”

“The effects of the virus can be really extensive for our sport,” Marko continued. “The logistical challenges, in particular, could become too big.”

Similarly, Haas F1 boss Gunther Steiner also raised his concern in a meeting. He said, “We cannot really prepare, we can only react.”

Robert Kubica said, “I heard what is happening in Italy and elsewhere. So I came here by car. Even If the airports are shut down, I can still go home.”

Vietnam GP organizers have admitted that the inaugural race in Hanoi could be in a tough situation amid the local government’s intervention to deal with the issue.


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One Hanoi official told the media that if the situation in March complicates they might cancel the race.

I cannot say with 100 percent certainty that it will take place.”

Most of Italy is already under quarantine and fresh cases popping across Europe. Hence, some European races might also get canceled or postponed.


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In conclusion, If this situation doesn’t improve soon the season may not begin until Zandvoort in May. And if the outbreak reaches a severe level the whole season might get canceled.


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