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2020 Italian Grand Prix Confirmed: Here’s When and How F1 Will Hold the Race

2020 Italian Grand Prix Confirmed: Here’s When and How F1 Will Hold the Race

Most of the news in F1 recently has been rather glum. The past few days have mostly seen news pieces revolving around the death of George Floyd and the fight against racism. Apart from that, there has also been the unfortunate news of laying off employees from Renault and McLaren. Then there are the constant driver market rumours (by that I mean pretty much only Vettel rumours).

Now time for some change. Time for some good news. Time for some news revolving the F1 season at hand.

F1 Italian Grand Prix confirmed for 6th of September

Tifosi F1
The Tifosi

The Mayor of Monza issued a confirmation that the Italian Grand Prix will go ahead as planned. However, it will be held behind closed doors. Additionally, the Mayor of Monza also stated that the Formula One contract for Monza has been extended up to the year 2025.

Now you may choose to perceive this as ‘not good news’ on account that there’ll be no fans. If you do so, I’ll have no choice but to brand you with the tag of ‘stupid.’ Honestly, we should be happy that we are getting any sort ‘racing’ done this season. With the pandemic still not showing any signs of abating, we are really lucky that the races are beginning as early as July.

In the current situation, we will need to be realistic. We will need to assume that there’ll be no races with fans in attendance until the next season at least. Quite frankly, it shouldn’t make any difference to the fans watching on their Television. Yes, I agree that the post-race celebrations will look pretty bleak. It may even affect driver morale, especially in home races. However, we’ll just have to get used to it.

I presume that the Tifosi would rather have a race without fans than no race at all. In the end, we just need to accept reality and hope for better days ahead. I’m sure all will be forgiven by the Tifosi if Ferrari bag the championship.





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