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F1 is quite ruthless and a fast-paced sport. If you got the speed and consistency, you can stay for as long as you want. If you don’t, the door is wide open. But besides that, there is a horrific side to the sport too, that no driver wishes to discuss. Yet, the 7-time world champion Lewis Hamilton opened up on the same, also addressing a curious question.

After his terrifying crash at Monza in 2021, Lewis Hamilton addressed how the sport has grown in terms of safety for drivers. Still, the slight threat of a fatal outcome persists. Hamilton pointed out how drivers live on the thin line between life and death.


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Talking to ESPN, Hamilton explained how drivers have to deal with this danger and risk of life in F1 and its mental effect. The Mercedes driver was happy to point out how F1 will be making safety upgrades in the future. Yet he further spoke about how these dangers of F1 might affect his retirement plans.

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Lewis said, “But I still have so much to do with my time here [in F1] still. So then you have to compartmentalize it [the danger factor]. I’m aware of it. I respect that danger bubble and it’s exciting also.”

“I’ve just been so excited to get back in the car [since Monza]. I guess if a day comes when I don’t want to get back in the car, you know it’s time to stop. But it doesn’t seem to be there yet.”

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Lewis did not give a timeline of when he wishes to hang up his helmet. But it completely depends on his mental state going ahead into future seasons.

Can Lewis Hamilton push on in F1 beyond 40?

Lewis Hamilton has the company of his old rival Fernando Alonso as they approach their 40s and still racing in F1. Alonso, who returned to the sport in 2021, is now 41 years old and aspires to be in F1 for some more time. The Spaniard surely may have influenced Hamilton to stick out as well.

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The 7-time champion will turn 38 at the start of next year. Considering modern standards, it is not too old, as drivers have worked so hard on their fitness levels. Plus Hamilton has got the speed in him to keep pushing and competing.


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The 2021 season clearly showed this in the way he tackled Max Verstappen and took the battle till the last lap of the season. His consistency has been remarkable and perhaps improving season by season.

Hamilton has approached Mercedes for another multi-year contract post-2023. So we may very well see Lewis still racing in F1 even at the age of 40.


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Time will tell if that contract will get signed or if Lewis will change his mind. Although, as he mentioned, if that day arrives when he doesn’t feel like getting in the car, he may not think twice before hanging up his helmet. What do you think? How many more years will we see Hamilton in F1?

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