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WATCH: Lando Norris Hilariously ‘Reveals’ 2021 Ferrari and Renault Cars and Pokes Fun at Carlos Sainz

WATCH: Lando Norris Hilariously ‘Reveals’ 2021 Ferrari and Renault Cars and Pokes Fun at Carlos Sainz

There seems to be no end to Ferrari‘s struggles. Although you could argue that Charles Leclerc has been on the podium twice already, that ultimately comes down to his individual talent more than the car he races. The Ferrari SF1000’s performance, or rather the lack thereof, has been well documented.

Clearly, it’s one of the worst that Ferrari has produced. Moreover, Sebastian Vettel‘s car seems to be even worse than that of his teammate.

As a result, the man who dominated the sport in the early part of this decade has been reduced to a driver that is struggling to even make it into the points tally.

Ferrari have not only become the laughingstock of its rivals’ fanbase, but even drivers on the grid are having a ball over their misery. Mclaren driver Lando Norris, known as one of the jokers on the F1 circuit, put out a video at Ferrari’s expense.

Obviously The 20-year-old didn’t have any bad intentions. Instead, he was just walking along the F1 paddock giving different colored forklifts a corresponding name to that of an F1 team.

He pointed to a red one, calling it, “That’s next year’s Ferrari. (It’s) pretty sick. Oh, there’s two. That’s Carlos’ next year’s Ferrari.” Never change Lando, never change.

How Ferrari plan to address Sebastian Vettel’s problems with the SF1000

Jokes apart, coming to the matter of Vettel’s struggles, Ferrari have said that they may entertain the idea of a chassis change.

According to Autosport.com, the boss of the Maranello-based outfit said, “That’s part of the discussion we have within teams. I think we are open if it is something that may help. Why not?

“I think whatever is important we can do to help is important for us, for Sebastian, and I think from a team point of view and a driver point of view, to try to make better in the next race.”

However, changing Seb’s chassis will mean that the team will lose one of its development tokens. This may not be such a good idea in the long run, considering that Vettel won’t even be there at Ferrari next season.

Do they want to take such a drastic measure and show that they still care about Vettel? Or will they treat him like they did during contract talks?

It’s a difficult question to answer, but the Scuderia holds all the cards.

SOURCE- Autosport.com, Tami- Twitter


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