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After Lewis Hamilton Admits to Taking Pictures of Red Bull’s Secrets, Taskmaster Helmut Marko Drops Truth Bombs About Upcoming “New” Change

Published 05/31/2023, 6:15 AM EDT

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Remember how Racing Point looked at images of the 2019 Mercedes and copied them for their 2020 car? Looks like Lewis Hamilton and Co. are now learning from their customer team. Mercedes has already introduced some Aston Martin-esque sidepods and is now looking to decode Red Bull’s secrets as Hamilton admits to taking pictures of it. Amid all this, Helmut Marko reveals news about an upcoming change. What is this change?

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Red Bull has been the team to beat this season as they’ve been setting the benchmark for a couple of years now. With the new era of ground effect in F1, their cars are said to produce about 60% of their downforce from the underfloor. It hence becomes important for the team to try to hide the floor to stay ahead and gain any competitive edge from it. However, Red Bull wasn’t very happy with what happened in Monaco


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With Monaco being a street circuit that is very narrow, the only way to clear up the track and evacuate a car in case of a crash is to lift it using a crane. Red Bull, Mercedes, and Ferrari, all three crashed and were lifted, revealing the secret floor. It was understood that Red Bull had the most advanced floor compared to the other two teams. Lewis Hamilton recently admitted to having photos of the RB19 underfloor on his phone for him to zoom in and take a better look later. 

Nevertheless, Helmut Marko recently revealed that Red Bull, with the least aerodynamic testing time, will get some new parts for the Spanish GP which will be held this weekend. It is not yet sure what the upgrades are going to be or how they are going to help the RB19. According to the Tweet posted by @redbulletin, Helmut Marko said: We are going to try something new in Barcelona.

Red Bull might need to find something new as other teams will surely decode Red Bull’s floor philosophy with multiple angles of the floor available. Christian Horner also made comments about the RB19 being lifted and photographed. 

Christian Horner on pictures of the floor being taken


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Spy photography has been a part of F1 for a long time. Any team that comes up with a new idea will get photographed easily. One just cannot see an idea and slap it onto their car. One has to understand the philosophy behind it and make it work with their car. Christian Horner recently made a comment suggesting it’s rude to look up people’s skirts referring to the teams who took pictures of the underside of RB19. He added that taking pictures is a common thing. 

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According to, Christian Horner said It’s very rude to look up people’s skirts really. Pictures or floors get taken in around the paddock. Each team will be employing spy photographers to get pictures of the cars when they’re in parts and pieces, that’s common practice.”

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What do you make of Helmut Marko’s comments? What will the new upgrades be?



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