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The quick expansion of Formula 1 over the past few years has encouraged the stakeholders involved to keep trying fresh ideas. Since the release of ‘Drive to Survive,’ the top level of motorsport has flourished in the United States. And given how extravagantly the Miami Grand Prix has unfolded, the sports rockstar reiterates Sir Lewis Hamilton‘s sentiment, who has already expressed his admiration for the shenanigans at the Florida track.

The Miami GP gained notoriety after the presence of celebrities like Shakira, Roger Federer, and Tom Cruise. As the sport experimented with a new appearance before Sunday’s Miami Grand Prix, artist LL Cool J introduced the drivers into the grid. However, the F1 drivers had a variety of responses on race day. Where Max Verstappen said the “event wasn’t necessary,” his archrival on the tracks, Sir Lewis Hamilton has a contrary opinion.

F1 rockstar supports Lewis Hamilton’s comments


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The Mercedes racing champion expressed his opinions positively. He said, “ I think it is cool that the sport is continuously growing and evolving and they are not just doing the same things they have done in the past. They are trying new things, they are trying to improve the show and I am in full support of it.”

And following Lewis Hamilton’s praise for the innovative approach, we have seen some thoughts from an F1 rockstar. Guenther Steiner is the man to whom we are referring in this instance. He recently relocated to the West in an effort to streamline operations and gain a better understanding of Americanization. In a recent interview with Motorsports.com, the boss of Haas F1 justified the Americanization of sports.

According to Italian in the Modern age, the audience, especially those who attend races in the United States, have a higher threshold of adrenaline, meaning they want to watch more action than the grand prix itself. He said, “ Sports wasn’t successful in the US before Liberty Media came along. I came to the US and after moving here, I understood the US more because I didn’t understand it before. But you have to live here to understand. People always want entertainment, they don’t want to sit there and wait three hours until the next time cars pass. They want something to do, something to consume.”

Highlighting his stand, a little further, Steiner added, “Other things are going on, there are concerts, entertainment areas. If you have kids with you, you want to entertain them instead of sitting in the stands or on the hill. Try telling a 12-year-old that we have to wait two hours until the vehicles come back. It’s pretty difficult.” 

The question of what will make Formula 1 as well-known as NASCAR has been hotly contested for a long time. The Italian engineer, who has a close relationship with NASCAR, discusses the lessons Formula 1 has acquired from NASCAR to grow so quickly.

What Guenther Steiner believes Formula 1 has learned from NASCAR?

With regard to both racing formats, Guenther Steiner is a leading expert. The star of the Netflix sensation “Drive to Survive” has experience working in NASCAR as the technical director for a temporary period at the Red Bull Racing NASCAR squad. In addition, the man recently attended a NASCAR race in Austin.


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Steiner says that F1 has drawn some valuable lessons from the top level of American racing. He said, “I think they’re both doing very similar things. I think NASCAR hasn’t put in as much fun as we do right now, they’re a little bit behind that. But I think what F1 has learned from NASCAR is to give people more access.”

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While adding what has changed so far, Steiner said, “There are a lot more people who are likely to come here for partners and sponsors and things like that, it was much harder before.” While concluding the team boss said, “And NASCAR is doing that with hot pass and stuff as well. So I think that’s what they’ve seen done better.”


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Do you believe that Formula 1’s revolutionary strategy will draw an even wider American audience to their racing venues in the coming years? Also, tell us how enthusiastic you are about the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

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