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Alfa Romeo F1 Hits a Road Block With New Simulator

Alfa Romeo F1 Hits a Road Block With New Simulator

The new Formula 1 simulator of Alfa Romeo F1 won’t be prepared for around an additional year and a half, the group has said.

Sauber Motorsport put resources into a best in class wind tunnel numerous years prior. It kept down on putting resources into a driver-in-circle simulator, making an undeniable impairment contrasted with its primary opponents.

Technical chief Jan Monchaux of Alfa Romeo F1 conceded that sharpening the new framework will be a long procedure.

I think we have to be realistic,” he said. “Some big teams took 10 years to get it right. Obviously compared with 10 years ago, technology is more advanced and certainly more clever.

“So, I would hope that in a year, in a year and a half, maybe a bit earlier on some specific things, we can start using it as a tool like all the simulation tools we have. It’s going to be a long process because you constantly have to align it with reality, with these guys, and make sure what they feel with that big and expensive PlayStation is somehow realistic and can align with what they feel in the real car.”

“And that’s far from being trivial. In a year’s time, I hope I’d be able to say, ‘it’s six months now.’ But it will take time.”

Alfa Romeo F1 reserve Drivers

Reserve driver Robert Kubica should build up the simulator as one of his fundamental jobs.

His test trip in Barcelona on Wednesday was to a limited extent to assist him with furnishing a benchmark with the real vehicle.

In any case, the improvement procedure is mind-boggling. The group won’t have the option to increase full profit by its new instrument in quite a while.

Kubica completed 59 laps in the 2020 challenger of Alfa Romeo F1 on Wednesday. He clocked the fasted lap at 1:18.386s which was 1.410s slower than the leader Lewis Hamilton. Kubica finished in 13th place.

It will be a busy year,” said Kubica.

Additionally I will be racing also in the other series [DTM], so a lot of things will be going on. Definitely one of the parts of my job here is on track, but also off track. We are a young team regarding the simulator. So we’ll try to develop as best as we can the simulator, which is always time-consuming, and from experience which I have with simulators, you have to be really patient,” he said.

But in F1 it is difficult to be patient, and it’s kind of a race not only on track but also in the factory. So it will be also a big challenge in front of us regarding the simulator, and trying to cover most of the job I can do and help the team,” he concluded.

Tatiana Calderon will stay partnered with Alfa Romeo F1 this season, possessing the job of test driver.

Calderon, 26, has been related to the squad since 2017. She has embraced a bunch of exhibit runs and filming days in Formula 1 hardware.

She is set to contend in the Japan-based Super Formula classification this year subsequent to moving from Formula 2.


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