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Alfa Romeo Reveals Actual 2023 Challenger With Complex, Game-Changing F1 Tech

Published 02/07/2023, 6:45 AM EST

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Ever since the 2023 car launch sequence started, teams have maintained the utmost secrecy by not revealing their actual cars. All they have done is reveal the liveries they will sport with some major announcements. Alfa Romeo has broken that trend by revealing their actual 2023 challenger, C43, and went even a step further. Appearing confident in their work, they revealed the radical changes they made to the car. Also, the livery is a lot different from last year’s and looks absolutely stunning with the red-black combination.

Haas was the first to launch their 2023 livery, taking a vastly different design approach from the predecessor models. Then it was Red Bull’s turn but the practically identical livery from last year left fans frustrated. Williams’ launch evoked mixed emotions as the livery was pretty similar to last year, but little nuances like the Duracell branding on roll-hoop looked good. Alfa Romeo has, however, gone all in, not just revealing the livery, but also the actual car.


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Speaking about what has changed in the car during the launch event, as per Sky Sports F1, Technical Director Jan Monchaux explained, “We decided to change the rear axis, or the rear suspension and also, therefore the gearbox casing, which then opens the door to new layout, especially on the cooler side, which then served, once in place, allowed us to develop the bodywork as we’ve been doing, the last year, during the season was not possible.”

“And the concept we had followed last year, we were of the opinion not come to sort of a plateau and to unleash the next level of performance we had to do all those changes, so that’s been quite a journey for us because it’s a big complex part we had to redo. And then evidently all the rear end works with the floor, alongside the new rake. So, we’ve really been putting a lot of effort on the second part of the car while the front will be successively developed during the season.”

Former F1 driver and legendary commentator Martin Brundle found something different as well.

Martin Brundle lauds Alfa Romeo for the clever trick to bring the car’s weight down


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Apart from making the car as aerodynamically sound as possible, F1 engineers do the best they can to bring the car’s weight down. We saw how important it is last year. Red Bull did not have the best of starts to the season because of the car being overweight. But once they tackled the issue, it was all smooth sailing for the team and Max Verstappen. Alfa Romeo has, apparently, made an effort in the same direction.

Posting his reaction to their 2023 car’s rear design, Brundle wrote on Twitter, “Love the back of the rear wing. This new low weight carbon finish is becoming very prevalent in F1, weight limit drops by 2kgs this year and most teams were struggling before, but this car will be hard to see on TV or trackside on an overcast day.”


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Given the liberal use of black color all over the car, it could become difficult to spot in overcast conditions, as Martin spotted. But boy, does it look stunning in combination with that deep red color.



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