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All the F1 Records Lewis Hamilton Can Break in 2020

All the F1 Records Lewis Hamilton Can Break in 2020

The 2020 F1 season will be noteworthy for some reason, not many more so than it is the 70th commemoration season and the longest ever at 22 races. The 2010s were focused on Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel being the two characterizing drivers of the decade. They took with them Mercedes and Red Bull individually to the statures of the record books.

Nonetheless, it is Lewis Hamilton – with five drivers’ titles somewhere in the range of 2014 and 2019 – who lingers as the key man with regards to specific records in 2020.

The supreme best on the planet as of now has a firm handle on the unsurpassed pole positions record and is gazing intently at the barrel of a record-equalling seventh drivers’ crown.

Hamilton has just broken a portion of Schumacher’s records – the 2019 Russian Grand Prix was the 143rd diverse race that he led, beating Schumacher (and in fewer races, as well). He took the record for the most pole positions at the 2017 Italian Grand Prix. In the middle of, he’s been piling on wins, titles, and a wide range of different numbers. It implies that it’s possible he’ll knock off a heap a greater amount of Schumacher’s record during the 2020 season.

Obviously, this is accepting that Mercedes can create another splendid vehicle. Despite the fact that the pattern of 2019 indicates that 2020 could be the most serious season. Mercedes hasn’t been beaten since 2013 would propose that they’ll presumably be the group to beat once more. Besides, with a record 22 races next season, he’ll have a lot of chances to tick off the accomplishments.

Records Lewis Hamilton can break in 2020

1. Most wins

It nearly appears to be inescapable Hamilton will take the record, with the Briton’s 84 successes only seven down on the amazing Schumacher’s 91. He will have 22 races in 2020 to play with and has won at least nine races in each season since 2014. Hamilton is additionally the main driver in history to have won a race in each season he has challenged.

2. Most Podiums

Lewis Hamilton is likewise chanced on to take Michael Schumacher’s untouched podium record in 2020. Schumacher finished his profession in 2012 having guaranteed 155 podiums from 308 beginnings.

Hamilton, then, has completed on the podium 151 times from only 250 beginnings. For the Briton, it’s a matter of when not if.

3. Most races finished in the points

Lewis Hamilton has just failed to score in one race in the course of the most recent three years – the 2018 Austrian GP, when his vehicle stalled. Along these lines, it appears to be sensible to accept that it’ll just take him until the ninth round in Canada to break this record.
Right now, Hamilton is as of now joint second on the rundown with Kimi Raikkonen, who has likewise scored points in 213 races and is additionally hustling in 2020.

4. Most wins with the same team

Schumacher won 72 of his races for Ferrari. Lewis Hamilton began with 21 triumphs for McLaren before winning 63 (and continuing) for Mercedes. 10 additional successes in the driver’s seat would see him steal Schumacher as the best driver/team mix ever. Of the considerable number of records he could break in 2020, this is probably going to be the most troublesome one for him to accomplish.

5. Most pole position at the same Grand Prix

Schumacher qualified on pole 8 times at the Japanese GP, while Hamilton has 8 pole positions in Australia. Ayrton Senna likewise shares this record, having taken 8 poles for the San Marino GP at Imola.

That implies this record ought to be the first Hamilton beats in 2020 since the Australian GP is the season opener. What’s more, since he’s been on pole there throughout the previous six years straight.



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