“All’s Fair in Love & War”: Irvine on Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen ‘Getting Personal’

Published 06/10/2021, 11:30 AM EDT
Formula One F1 – Spanish Grand Prix – Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain – May 9, 2021 Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton celebrates on the podium with the trophy after winning the race alongside Red Bull’s Max Verstappen who finished in second place REUTERS/Albert Gea

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are up against each other for the Drivers’ Championship. Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are the two best drivers in F1 right now and they are fighting for the title.


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As of now, Max is leading Lewis by 4 points in the championship. The drivers have been putting on a show for the fans with their on-track battles. But according to former F1 driver, Eddie Irvine, things could get personal between the drivers.

The former Ferrari man also shared his opinion on Lewis and Max, how title fights have changed in the last 20 years. Irvine also explained the pressures of fighting for a World Championship.


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Max Verstappen is the ultimate talent in F1- Eddie Irvine

Whilst in conversation with betway.com, Irvine mentioned that he thought Max Verstappen had gotten his act together this season and was the ultimate talent in F1.

Regarding Verstappen’s driving – finally after six seasons, he’s definitely getting his act together. He’s always been super-fast, and you can see that he’s by far the most dominant team leader on the grid.

“He’s had many, many different second drivers in the team and none of them have got close to him,” said Irvine.

Formula One F1 – Portuguese Grand Prix – Algarve International Circuit – Portimao, Portugal – May 2, 2021, Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton shakes hands with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen after winning the race Pool via REUTERS/Gabriel Bouys

While he praised Max, he also commented on the difference between the two championship rivals, “While Lewis has been regularly out-qualified and outperformed by his teammates, you’d have to say Verstappen is probably the ultimate talent, although Lewis is a consummate professional and has very few weak spots,” said Irvine.

When asked about title fights getting personal in F1, he added,” I never had a problem with getting personal. For me, it was all in one, the professional and personal situation.

“All’s fair in love and war and I see Formula 1 as war so I really had no problem with criticizing or saying anything that I felt would help me. I was there for me and my team, and I didn’t care about anyone else,” said Irvine.


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Formula One F1 – Azerbaijan Grand Prix – Baku City Circuit, Baku, Azerbaijan – June 5, 2021, Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton reacts after qualifying in second position Pool via REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov

Can Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes get back to winning ways?

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes are struggling since they won the Spanish Grand Prix. They struggled on the streets of Monaco and Baku.


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Both Lewis and Mercedes have lost ground to Max and Red bull in the last two races. They have to regain control over the next races in France and Austria if they wish to hold a candle to Red Bull’s championship run.

They need to perform at the highest level to challenge Red bull as both Max and Checo are in red hot form for Red Bull. What do you think? Will we see off-track battles between Hamilton and Verstappen?

Comment below to let us know.


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