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“What Kind of Father Would Say That?”: Daniel Ricciardo’s Future Father-in-Law’s Reckless Act Receives Backlash

Published 09/30/2023, 10:15 AM EDT

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Among many privileges F1 drivers have, the privilege of privacy is not among them. The lives of the drivers become a matter of public discussion as they reach the pinnacle of motorsport. Daniel Ricciardo has been part of the fraternity for a long time but it has hardly ever caused any drama in his personal life. Although now, after being predominantly discreet about his relationship with Heidi Berger, the AlphaTauri man is in the midst of relationship drama after a seemingly innocuous line of questioning revealed his partner’s past. However, the fact, that this revelation came as an offhand casual comment from Heidi Berger’s father, Gerhard, has irked the fans and they are not sitting quietly.

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Let us bring you up to speed first. The 10-time Grand Prix winner made an appearance on the F1 Nation podcast. During this conversation, the host Tom Clarkson, addressed Ricciardo as “your future son-in-law.” to Berger. His confusion made Clarkson reveal his daughter’s relationship with the Australian, as covered by EssentiallySports. To this, the former racer made a comment giving us a slight glimpse into Heidi Berger’s dating history.


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He said: “Well, he’s changing all the time, so I don’t know, maybe you’re right, at the moment, yes.”

This statement made it to the front page of an Instagram F1 gossip page. The poor choice of words in the statement, as highlighted by the page, caught the fury of the fans.

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The fans did not appreciate the father’s blunt remarks about his own daughter and they started pointing a finger at the former Ferrari man.

Fans try to protect the innocence of the relationship between Daniel Ricciardo and Heidi Berger amid Gerhard Berger’s remarks

The incident highlighted by the F1 gossip column attracted a lot of attention from the fans. The comment section was full of fans with different opinions about the father’s comments.

One fan rhetorically asked, What kind of father would say that about his daughter tho😂”


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A few users gave the Austrian former racing driver the benefit of the doubt. One backed it with some statistical data and commented, “Haven’t they been together since like 2019 or something? What father says that about his daughter? I’m sure he just expressed himself wrong”

While the other used personality traits to defend the father’s comment with a comparison to another Austrian associated with F1. They commented, “Gerhard is a funny guy and like Helmut and sometimes they both say things without thinking, they don‘t mean it that way, they just want to be funny”

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However, one user showcased their investigatory skills and substantiated Mr. Berger’s comments with some information. The comment read, “I think they’ve been together for a long time but it was on/off in the past, bc both of them have been seen with other people in that time (Daniel and that blonde model on a boat in 2021 👀)”


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Another user agreed with the previous comment and wrote, “To me that sound like he wanted to say that they have on and off relationship”

However, another comment highlights the state of mixed reaction to this piece of information revealed by Heidi’s father. “They’ve dating for 4 years. What is her father doing talking about his own daughter like that”


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Only one person can tell us what the true intention was behind the comment. Until then, let’s hear your speculation!

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