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Unprecedented and awe-inspiring are two words one can use to summarize Max Verstappen’s 2023 season. The 19 race wins from 22 with an 86% win percentage is otherworldly and there is no doubt that till Red Bull has the upper hand with their challenger, no one is coming close to Max Verstappen. The reigning champion is unstoppable and former AlphaTauri boss has attested to it.

Franz Tost believes this scenario will continue in the upcoming 2024 season as well with Red Bull more than likely to maintain their edge over the grid in terms of performance. Tost believes, even if some have questioned it in the past, Verstappen will continue his dominance against the grid and his future teammates with the help of the superior Red Bull machinery. However, in doing so, Tost has defied the belief of Red Bull boss Christian Horner.

Franz Tost puts blind faith in the abilities of Max Verstappen


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After resigning from the post he held from day one at AlphaTauri, Tost sat down with F1-Insider for an exclusive. While speaking about his lengthy spell in F1 and recalling a lot from the past, Tost spoke about the present. When the interviewer asked, “Max Verstappen is the current dominator of Formula 1. Do you see anyone who can hold a candle to him in the future?” Tost was quick to express his opinion and put his faith in the reigning world champion.

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He said, “No. If Max continues to have a good car, he will win many more races and titles. He’s still not at his limit and will get even better. No driver who is or will be his teammate will ever progress beyond the role of number 2 driver.” (Translated via Google) 

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If his current level of dominance and consistency wasn’t enough, the Austrian believes the Dutchman will get even better as he’s not at his peak powers yet. Tell us a more frightening proposition than the 2023 Verstappen becoming better and more dominating. However, this opinion of Tost is in complete contract with Horner’s prediction for 2024.

Christian Horner’s prediction for 2024 is completely contrary to Franz Tost’s assumption

Horner might be the most optimistic man on his team, but he will never announce his intentions to the world. This is exactly why despite the chances, the British boss was always pessimistic about winning 100% of the races in 2023. Perhaps taking the same approach for 2024, the Red Bull honcho expressed his concern for the upcoming season. He believes the grid will converge and we won’t witness another masterclass in dominance over a season by Verstappen and his team.


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“Nobody stands still. We’ve got a great basis, so it’s more evolution [of the car] than revolution. But I’m sure it’s going to converge a bit next year, so we can’t rest on our laurels,” Horner told the media at the Autosport Awards.

“They [competitors] are all great teams. McLaren’s form at the back end of the season, Ferrari, Mercedes. Those big teams are going to be coming out all guns blazing next year.”


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So Tost’s confidence in Verstappen or Horner’s pessimism, which side are you on when it comes to predicting the 2024 season? We believe Red Bull will still go in as favorites, but for the sake of the sport, there will be more competition at the front. The truth will reveal itself sooner or later.

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