Alpine Justify Disappointing Interim Livery for 2021 F1 Car Following Mixed Reactions

January 15, 2021 5:15 pm

After the 2020 F1 season ended, there was no racing action that fans could look forward to until the new season begins in March. But there is some precursor in between that all the fanatics of the sport could keep themselves entertained with. And one of them is the livery revelation that teams like Alpine offer.

There had been a lot of fanfare surrounding the rebrand of Renault F1. While the previous old scheme of black and yellow was commendable, we are always looking for something more bold and funky. But the team’s interim livery that they pulled curtains on 14th January was far from it.

Most of the F1 community was expecting something flashier than a dull black design. Though it has the French National Flag embedded at the back, there is nothing else that catches the eye.

Since the sports car manufacturer Alpine uses a color scheme that is inclined to blue, many were expecting the F1 branch to follow suit.

Alpine is paying tribute to its past with the Black ‘interim livery’

Though the current generation of F1 fans may not appreciate it, this holds a sentimental value to the organization. Before they entered F1 as Renault, they took part in a test event under the moniker of Alpine in 1975. It was during the event at Zandvoort that they fielded an all-black car.

Alpine design director Anthony Villain is also making his best effort to reason with the disgruntled fans. Explaining the use of the dark color theme, he said, “That’s a tribute to the group’s first Formula 1 prototype in 1975, which before it became a Renault was an Alpine.

“And this car was black and called the A500. It is a kind of homecoming for Alpine, as well as a dream that is finally coming true, to race in F1.”

While this will be the first time that the brand will officially race in F1, it comes back as a force to be reckoned with. In contrast to the 1970s, when they were just venturing into the sport, they are now one of the key stakeholders.

With Fernando Alonso behind the wheel, they are out there to topple the likes of Mercedes, Red Bull, and Ferrari from their perch.

Bharat Aggarwal

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