Amid Rumors, Future of Mercedes F1 in the Sport Cemented by F1 Boss

February 7, 2020 11:37 pm

Ross Brawn is cheerful that Mercedes F1 will stay dynamic in Formula 1 after 2020 also. The donning executive of the game sees ‘no signs’ of a looming takeoff of the dominant victor.

As of late, Mercedes F1 has been routinely connected with a takeoff from Formula 1 toward the finish of the 2020 season. The current agreement of the German factory team lapses after the coming season. Because of various inward changes, for example, the arrangement of Ola Källenius to Daimler’s new executive of the board and the aim to cut spending caused those bits of rumors.

Toto Wolff, in any case, this week denied that Mercedes F1 will leave Formula 1 after 2020 and Brawn additionally has a great expectation that the Silver Arrows will stay in the gathering. As indicated by the Brit, Mercedes more than recuperates its interest in Formula 1.

I don’t see any signs of an impending departure. They get much more in return than the amount they spend in Formula 1,” Brawn said.

I see no sign that we won’t [lose Mercedes],” he said.

In many ways, if you go to board level they like what’s happening because they have got certainty.

“Every time that Toto [Wolff] goes to the Mercedes board each winter, he asks for a bigger budget because he needs it to win. So what do they say? No, we don’t want to give you any more because we don’t want to win anymore?

“Now, they’re going to know what they’re going to spend. The message that came through from people of the world like ola källenius is that they want cost control, and they want the certainty of what they need to spend in F1.”

Brawn also believes that the sport won’t lose any manufacturers come 2021.

Is Budget ceiling a problem for Mercedes F1

2021 won’t just observe an adjustment in the aerodynamic guidelines yet, in addition, the presentation of a $175m budget cap.

Brawn feels this even interests to Mercedes, who spent over $450m last season.

Brawn is evident that F1 proprietor Liberty Media’s push for a cost top, associated with an increasingly fair prize fund, is critical to guaranteeing that the game is suitable for all teams on the lattice – and guarantees there is support should a new monetary emergency hit.

We want F1 teams to succeed in a much more sustainable way than now,” he said. “They think it’s okay [right now], but when you get right to the limit, you get a little earth tremor over here and suddenly it stops. And that’s what we don’t want.

We want Mercedes to feel that it’s such good value for money, there’s no way they’ll ever stop because why would they? The amount they are spending, they are getting far more return than spending. And if it was a little tremor in their economic environment, it’s fine because they can cope with it and it doesn’t matter. And that’s why we think there’s a need for change.”


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