“An Extraordinary Anniversary”- Scuderia Ferrari to Celebrate Its 1000th Race in F1 in Style at Mugello

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The pandemic situation of COVID-19 has bought a series of changes in the calendar of the 2020 Formula One season. The calendar has already eliminated the Australian, Dutch, Monaco, Azerbaijan, French, Singapore, and Japanese Grand Prix from it.

However, all’s not lost as far as the Prancing Horses are concerned, for they will get two chances to make the Tifosi proud at home.

Ferrari to host 1000th race in Mugello

On July 10th, 2020, F1 officially announced plans to host the first-ever Grand Prix at the Mugello Circuit in Tuscany, Italy on September 13th, before heading to Russia for the Sochi Grand Prix.

Coincidentally, the race at Mugello will mark the 1000th official race in Formula One for the owners of the track, Scuderia Ferrari.

The Mugello Circuit is 5.245 km (3.259 miles) long with a long straight stretch of 1.141 km. This is used by the Scuderia Ferrari for testing their formula one cars and the circuit is also famous for hosting the Italian Motorcycle Grand Prix. The stadium/racing track has a capacity of 50,000 spectators as well.

Ferrari’s presence at the top of the food chain in the world of Formula One has been resolute for the last 70 years, ever since its inception.

In addition, they are the only constructors who have taken part in all the 70 seasons respectively. Furthermore, it will be a huge moment for the constructors to drive their 1000th race at home and in a circuit tailored specifically for their Formula One cars.

Constructed in 1974, Ferrari took over in 1988. The track is certified as the 3-Star Level Qualification by FIA (International Automobile Federation) and even a Grade 1 License by the same, which makes the track perfectly fine for hosting Formula One races.

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Legendary drivers like Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel have hurled praises at the track. Webber stated, “Did 10 dry laps today at Mugello, which is the same as doing 1000 laps around the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.”

The four-time world champion, Sebastian Vettel said, “Unfortunately we don’t have this track on the calendar. It’s an incredible circuit with a lot of high-speed corners.”

Spectacular and challenging- Binotto

Mattia Binotto, the team principal and the Managing Director of Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow said, “To be able to celebrate an extraordinary anniversary like the thousandth Grand Prix for Scuderia Ferrari at our own home at Mugello is an incredible opportunity.

“Mugello is not just one of the most spectacular and challenging tracks for drivers and cars, it is also a structure that has made sustainability one of its priorities.”

Paolo Poli, CEO of the Mugello Circuit said, “We are happy and proud to have finally achieved a goal that we have been chasing for a long time with the utmost determination: 106 years since the very first race took place on the street circuit, Mugello will host its first Formula 1 Grand Prix.”

We wish that this new calendar event be successful for the Scuderia Ferrari in their 1000th official race along with an impressive finish from the team drivers, Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc.

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