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Annoyed F1 Fans Diss ‘Fake Marina’ at Upcoming Miami GP

Published 04/30/2022, 10:59 AM EDT

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The F1 2022 schedule is moving to the fifth race of this season, which is set to take place in the Sunshine State. It would be the inaugural Miami GP, which is the second American GP to be introduced in F1 after the US Grand Prix (COTA). But amid the excitement for the new addition to the F1 calendar, the latest developments in the International Autodrome in Miami have shocked the world.


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The Miami circuit comprises the streets and parking lot around the Miami Hard Rock Stadium. But that is not all! Since Florida is considered to be the boating capital of the world and the drivers won’t be driving anywhere near the coast, the Miami GP authorities are developing a fake harbor in the circuit.

Further, the popularity of the Monaco GP and its aura is another reason for the Miami authorities to develop this fake marina. Monaco is famous for its street circuit, which runs along the coasts. So, the audience witness boats and yachts in the background, which makes the race more appealing to watch.

Fan reactions to the fake Marina GP harbor

As soon as the photos of the fake harbor of the Miami circuit went viral, fans didn’t wait for a second to showcase their take on this development. Most of the fans are either amused or irritated to see the fake harbor. They even criticized Miami GP to replicate Monaco GP.

Sergio Perez hopes for a ‘good circuit’ at the Miami GP

The Red Bull driver might be one of the first drivers who went to Miami and took a lap around the Miami Hard Rock Stadium. However, that wasn’t the final track on which he will drive on the upcoming Miami GP.


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The Mexican driver hopes that the Miami authorities will do a good job with the circuit as, according to him, the new circuit has some issues. Checo told Corriere dello Sport, “I think it’s a good circuit.”

Perez further talked about the new circuit and expressed, “It has a twisty section that is quite difficult to tackle well, with visibility that can be complicated. The race can be fun with all those straights. I just hope the asphalt is good. When we go to new circuits, we often have surprises.”


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Perez had a phenomenal weekend in Imola, finishing second to his teammate Max Verstappen. Let’s see how Checo performs in the upcoming Miami GP.



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