Aston Martin Taunt Mclaren Over 2021 F1 Car Livery Tease

January 19, 2021 3:15 pm

Since the end of the Abu Dhabi GP last year, It has been a brief waiting period for ardent Formula 1 fans around the world. With February nearing, the wait is almost over as teams have started to tease their 2021 car liveries. The first in line is the McLaren Mercedes F1 team.

The team took to social media to show a glimpse of what to expect from their upcoming F1 car. On Monday, McLaren posted a picture which had the shades of the usual orange, blue, and black, and the 2021 car’s name, MCL35M, sketched on top of the paint.

This may well be a hint that the team are going for their usual tri-colored car for the upcoming 2021 season. However, the possibilities of some minor tweaks in design cannot be neglected.

McLaren have been under the limelight since mid-way through the 2020 season. The British team announced that they would be joining hands with Mercedes after six long years. Thus, considering their past success story, the expectations from McLaren have been rocketing high.

Amid such massive hype, McLaren made sure it did not die down and added more fuel into it. Following the post on Monday, the team followed up with yet another image the same day.

Aston Martin responds to the livery hype set by McLaren

In the latter image posted by McLaren, it portrayed the interior of the McLaren Technology Centre, where frosted glasses were installed to hide the MCL35M from public view.

You know it’s about to get real when the frosted glass goes up at the MTC,” the team captioned it. Their mid-field rivals, Aston Martin, looked rather eager to take a look at that 2021 car built by them.

Don’t be shy, you can show us,” Aston Martin responded.

As of now, Aston Martin will be unveiling their car at a launch event in March. Meanwhile, McLaren are yet to open up about their unveiling plans for the 2021 season. However, considering the recent teasings, it is quite evident that the time is near.

Overall, what kind of livery could be expected from McLaren?

In an unlikely scenario, will they return to their world-famous classic silver livery considering their switch to Mercedes engines? Or will they stick around the papaya orange for the fourth straight season? Only time will tell.

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