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Rafael Nadal Loyalist Carlos Sainz Set to Challenge His Arch Rival Novak Djokovic at Ryder Cup 2023

Published 09/27/2023, 6:00 AM EDT

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Ah, the smell of fresh cut grass, the gentle clinks of golf clubs, and the sight of F1 superstar Carlos Sainz trading his fireproof racing suit for the classic golf attire. Imagine this: Monza’s Hero, the Speedster of Singapore, now gracing the elegant greens, and this time, he’s set his sights on the tennis titan, Novak Djokovic. Quite the spectacle, isn’t it?

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“Enhorabuena @RafaelNadal!! El mejor tenista de la historia!!” reads an old tweet from Sainz translated to,Congratulations @RafaelNadal!! The best tennis player in history!,” displaying his loyalty to tennis legend Rafael Nadal. Come September 27 in the picturesque city of Rome, Sainz will have more than just his loyalty to prove. Can the motor racing stalwart serve as an ace in the world of golf, especially against Djokovic? Spanish fans amongst others will be on the edge of their seats!


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Sainz, who’s as competitive with a golf club as he is with a steering wheel, teams up with Tomasso Perrino to form a dynamic duo for the All-Star match at the 2023 Ryder Cup. Their formidable opponents? Novak Djokovic and Kipp Popert under the banner of Team Monty. Golf enthusiasts and sports fans alike, brace yourselves for a spectacle where the revving engines meet the silent greens, where precision driving is swapped for precision putting, and where the finish line is as elusive as the 18th hole.


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If you’re already marking your calendar, join the club (pun absolutely intended)! This epic showdown is not just a clash of titans from diverse sporting arenas but a fusion of finesse, skill, and unyielding competitive spirit. United States fans, gear up! The action will be live-streamed on the Official Ryder Cup YouTube and Twitter (now X) channels as well.

But wait, before you get lost in the enigmatic world of F1-Golf crossovers, remember, the turf is not unfamiliar territory for Sainz. Ah, yes, amidst the roar of engines and the speedy chases, there lies a gentleman, with the heart of a racer and the swing of, well, a racing driver trying his best.

From racing tracks to Golf greens: Carlos Sainz’s ‘Smooth Operation’ Takes a Hilarious Turn

In F1 it’s always refreshing to have moments that remind us they’re humans too, with their own set of quirks and not-so-perfect skills. Carlos Sainz, the ‘Smooth Operator’ of F1, recently had one such hilarious moment that has set the internet ablaze.


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Fresh from his masterclass win at the Singapore GP, Sainz was riding high. Ah, the victory, the glory, the unending praise – until the golf world decided to bring our hero back down to Earth, with a gentle, playful thud.


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Following his ‘smooth operation’ in Singapore, the PGA Tour, with a hint of mischief, posted a video of Sainz teeing off, congratulating him on his F1 victory. The irony? Our ‘Smooth Operator’ on the F1 track isn’t quite as smooth on the golf course. The golfing community, never one to miss an opportunity for some good-natured ribbing, quickly turned Sainz into the day’s laughing stock.

But let’s be honest, we love Sainz for his authenticity. A shrewd fellow on the racing track, and a mere mortal with a golf club in hand, he embodies the duality we all live with – exceptional in some areas, hilariously inept in others.


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Congratulations on the recent win, Carlos. And on the swing – better luck next time, champ!

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