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$3,600,000,000 Worth Lawrence Stroll Demolishes Red Bull in Bidding War by Paying $1,000,000 to Their Ex-Mastermind to Establish Thumping Control

Published 06/10/2023, 5:23 AM EDT

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At the end of the day, whoever has the most money tends to get their way in the world. Sadly, sometimes, this is the case in F1 as well. We are all aware of how Lawrence Stroll was discredited during his initial years in F1. However, the Canadian has carefully invested his $3.6 billion to get Aston Martin where it currently is. However, the Canadian has not mindlessly pumped money into the team. He identified key areas and then carefully invested his money. A recent revelation tells us exactly how the Aston Martin owner is doing it.

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The Canadian is a majority stakeholder in the Aston Martin Lagonda. The Canadian used his position of power in his poaching practices from Red Bull as well. Nico Rosberg, among others, revealed that as quoted by Motorsport-Total.

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“I heard that [Aston Martin] has quadrupled Dan Fallows’ salary, and he’s said to have received a share of the stock as well,” said Rosberg. “The teams want to know and poach the best people from Red Bull. That’s quite normal in Formula 1, it always happens.” 


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In fact, a report suggests Fallows is earning close to a million euros per year, which equates to a six-figure salary a month. In addition to the salary, the engineers also receive shares in Aston Martin Lagonda, or at least Fallows did.

This practice even got some criticism from an industry expert. “With the amount of stock Lawrence Stroll is giving away to executives like Martin Whitmarsh and Dan Fallows, I wonder if he even has any left himself,” they said.

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This has become a common scenario as Red Bull has become a victim of their own success. What makes this scenario worse is Red Bull cannot combat the midfield teams from poaching their top engineers.

Lawrence Stroll cannot be combated and even the Red Bull boss agrees


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The Canadian is playing around the rules, which has become a weakness for Red Bull, to fulfill his engineering requirements. The budget cap only allows three top earners apart from the drivers to be excluded from the budget cap. In teams like Aston Martin and even McLaren now, such positions are vacant and this is where Red Bull is struggling, Chrisitan Horner admits.

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“You can no longer take everyone with you. Everyone has to earn their place within the cap. The salary that McLaren offered for Rob probably eats up half their cap. You can’t blame him for going there,” said Horner.

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