“I Don’t See it as Struggling”- Alex Albon on Current Red Bull Form

August 2, 2020 4:13 pm

Red Bull F1’s Alex Albon doesn’t believe he’s struggling despite his recent dip in form. Albon struggled in yesterday’s qualifying session, not even making it into Q3.

Furthermore, his teammate starting third did nothing to help his cause, with many wondering what Red Bull could resort to if his poor run persists.

It’s still a great mystery as to why the Anglo-Thai driver is struggling to such an extent with the second-fastest car on the grid. Is it the RB16?  Or the immense pressure that comes with driving for a team like Red Bull?

Another second driver headache for Red Bull

Max Verstappen managed to set a lap time that was 4 tenths quicker than Albon’s best effort in Q2. Not a monumental deficit. However, the same looks impressive considering how the Dutchman achieved the blistering lap time on mediums, while Alex was on softs.

Much like Hungary, Albon couldn’t join his teammate for the final part of qualifying and his struggles are eerily reminiscent of Pierre Gasly’s difficulties at Red Bull.

However, unlike Gasly, Albon’s race pace is more than respectable. He’s still a long way from Verstappen’s pace, but that could boil down to Max simply being a prodigy.

Albon isn’t too concerned about his recent problems. The novice driver referenced his race results so far as proof of things not being as bad as they seem. And credit to Albon, he’s right.

He came close to a podium in Austria and finished fourth and fifth in Styria and Hungary, respectively. As a result, his real issues seem to exist over one fast lap.

“Firstly, I don’t see it as struggling. I feel like race one we had a very strong race. Race two we finished fourth and race three we finished fifth. So if that’s struggling, then I’d be worrying about other things.

“I’m happy personally with the first few races, but things haven’t gone our way. And to be honest, I’m not worried in the sense that I feel like it’s been tough or it’s going badly.

“It’s just a tough qualifying and on my side, I’m just focused on trying to get more comfortable with the car and extract the performance out of it,” said Albon as quoted by Autosport.

Hopefully, Albon’s confidence will permeate into his driving at the British Grand Prix.

SOURCE- Autosport

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