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Sergio Perez: Racing Point F1 Boss Clarifies Alleged Time Frame on His Exit Clause

Sergio Perez: Racing Point F1 Boss Clarifies Alleged Time Frame on His Exit Clause

Sergio Perez

One of the biggest questions going around the F1 paddock is, “What is happening with Sergio Perez, Sebastian Vettel, and Racing Point?”

In all honesty, the mess kicked off when Vettel and Ferrari announced that they were looking to part ways at the end of 2020. Since then, there has been a lot of speculation surrounding the German giant and his future.

Out of a number of teams, the Racing Point team stood out as a potential candidate. However, for Vettel to come in, the team would have to sacrifice either Lance Stroll or Sergio Perez.

Since Stroll’s father owns the team, it seems more than likely that the head that rolls will be that of Checo.

Amid the swirling mist of rumors and speculation, team boss Otmar Szafnauer is holding his cards close to his chest. Speaking in the FIA press conference at Silverstone, he said,

“We usually don’t like to disclose the details of our contracts,” Szafnauer said as quoted by Autosport. But I’ll take this opportunity to tell you that option that you talk about expiring today [31st July] is not true. That’s not the case.”

Racing Point’s dilemma: Sebastian Vettel or Sergio Perez?

Szafnauer spoke to Autosport’s Luke Smith about Perez’s contract situation and he insisted that nothing is set in stone. For the moment, it appears that people will continue playing the guessing game until official news is released by Racing Point.

Additionally, the team is also looking forward to Aston Martin taking over in the 2021 season. Since Lawrence Stroll has a majority stake in Aston Martin, Lance’s seat is practically secured, however, Perez’s seat is still up in the air.

Truthfully speaking, it would be a crying shame to see either Vettel or Sergio Perez leave the sport.

Checo is a top-notch driver and has been Racing Point’s most consistent and loyal performer. On the other hand, Sebastian Vettel is a 4-time World Champion, so a driver of his caliber is always an excellent catch.

Even Stroll himself has put in a few decent performances and is able to keep pace/challenge the more experienced Perez.

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SOURCE- Autosport, YouTube

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