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WATCH: Sebastian Vettel Casually Chats With Lance Stroll Behind Charles Leclerc’s Back

WATCH: Sebastian Vettel Casually Chats With Lance Stroll Behind Charles Leclerc’s Back

Sebastian Vettel

It’s no secret that Racing Point have held talks with Sebastian Vettel over the possibility of having him race for them in 2021. Obviously, Sergio Perez does have a contract with the team for the next season.

However, if Vettel were being considered, you could bet your bottom dollar that he wouldn’t be replacing the boss’ son, Lance Stroll.

So far, nothing concrete between Racing Point and the German has materialized. But it looks like Vettel isn’t wasting any time to get to know his (probable) teammate for 2021.

After the conclusion of qualifying for the British Grand Prix, Vettel was spotted having a chat with Stroll. What’s more, he decided to organize his meet and greet right behind the back of Charles Leclerc who was giving an interview.

Sebastian Vettel finds an ingenious way to steal some camera time after Q3 disappointment

The German has had a tough weekend thus far. After an intercooler problem led to his non-participation in FP1, he only set the 18th fastest lap time in FP2.

His struggles then permeated into his qualifying session. Vettel only managed to set the 10th best lap time, finishing nearly a second behind teammate Leclerc (P4).

Perhaps knowing that he might not get too many interviews after that performance, he decided to steal his teammate’s thunder. Surely Charles wouldn’t mind?

After having the upper hand over Vettel throughout Friday and Saturday, that’s the least he could do, right?

Vettel seized his opportunity and had a chat with Lance Stroll, as Leclerc was busy talking about the challenges he faced during qualifying.

Brilliant strategy from Vettel, eh? He has already shown us that he is a step ahead of his race engineer in Hungary, and now this.

Maybe his chat with Stroll involved him lobbying for himself in order to get a seat at Racing Point. Something along the lines of, ‘Hey Lance, can you get me in? I promise I’ll teach you how to execute the perfect doughnut!’

Jokes apart, the chat wouldn’t have been anything of the sort mentioned above. Just a couple of guys catching up after a session around the track. Probably he didn’t even realize he was in the frame of the camera.

Nevertheless, he can have a laugh about it after he reads this. After all, the man deserves a break considering the difficult year he has had.

Here’s to hoping he can fight higher up the grid tomorrow.

SOURCE- Twitter.com

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