Brundle Sides With F1 and Flames NASCAR in a Hilarious Reply to Carlos Sainz’s Meme

January 21, 2021 5:52 pm

F1 and NASCAR are seen as the top two events in the world of motorsports. However, apart from the fact that both events use cars, they completely different in most aspects. Nevertheless, F1 fans rarely miss out on the chance of roasting their NASCAR counterparts.

There is a long-standing stereotype that suggests American drivers or indeed all those who drive in NASCAR are unfit.

Mostly these memes are just a source of banter from one group of fans towards the others. But former F1 driver turned commentator, Martin Brundle, decided to join in and raise the stakes.

Martin Brundle’s comment adored by F1 fans

Brundle commented a hilarious reply on a post shared by Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz. Sainz had posted an in-vogue meme template, where he depicted himself to be unfit on the left and in shape on the right. Under the post, Brundle chipped in with a reply that trolled NASCAR.

He said, “NASCAR look on the left, F1 on the right.”

Brundle’s cheeky dig at the American racing series got him over 5000 likes and hundreds of comments. Since the post was put up by an F1 driver, Brundle’s reply was expectedly hailed by all.

The current Sky Sports commentator is known to have a good sense of humor. But it looks as though he has also raised his game on social media and F1 fans are all the better for it.

It’ll be fun to see if this comment blows up to an extent that it starts an all-out banter with NASCAR. In these dreary times of having no F1 action, any sort of entertainment would do.

Formula One F1. Bahrain Grand Prix. Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir, Bahrain. McLaren’s Carlos Sainz Jr. during the press conference. FIA/Handout via REUTERS

Also kudos to Sainz’s meme skills. He seems to be enjoying his early days as a Ferrari driver and has already begun to work hard in preparation for the upcoming season.

The Spaniard is set to conduct a test next week with Ferrari’s 2018 car. Considering that the pre-season test in Bahrain has been shortened, Sainz would want as many laps under him as possible before he starts the next chapter of his F1 career.

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