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With Leclerc and Hamilton's backing, is Oliver Bearman the next big thing for Haas and Ferrari?

F1 fans woke up to a huge announcement today! Oliver Bearman aka Ollie has signed a multi-year contract with Haas from 2025 onwards. Speculations were building for a while, but since nothing was officially declared, everything was a ‘rumor’. However, these ideas gradually consolidated their position after Bearman’s F2 win in Austria last weekend. For some fans, the news did not come as a surprise, as they believed in Ollie’s talent and were already sure that he’d make it to F1.

Sharing his emotional take, Bearman said: “It’s hard to put into words just how much this means to me. To say out loud that I will be a Formula 1 driver for Haas makes me so immensely proud.” Many suggest that the young Briton caught the eyes of experts and F1 teams after his stand-in for Carlos Sainz in Jeddah. He made his debut in F1 at 18, finishing P7 and securing points for Ferrari, exhibiting an outstanding first time in a much faster car than his usual F2 vehicle.

The young man from Essex told Sky Sports: “To be one of the very few people who get to do the thing what they dreamed of as a child is something truly incredible.” Meanwhile, Haas’ team boss Ayao Komatsu stated: “Oliver proved he was more than ready for the task…We’re looking forward to further developing him as a driver and reaping the benefits of his talent – both inside and outside of the car.” Speculations are rising about who will be Oliver’s teammate, with Esteban Ocon being a potential candidate. So, it will be thrilling to see whom the team picks.


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Some even believe Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc’s praise for Oliver helped push his career from Formula 2 to Formula 1. Both the seasoned drivers had endless words of praise for Bearman, who had done an exceptional job in Jeddah. So is it the Hamilton-Leclerc connection?

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Oliver Bearman in F1 with Haas and the Hamilton-Leclerc connection

Bearman’s signing with Haas was likely, as the team had already announced, they were set to send the 19-year-old into six practice sessions this year. The third of which will take place in Silverstone this weekend. But even before these free practice sessions, Bearman was already in the big picture of Formula 1. And for all the right reasons; Ollie had to withdraw from F2 in Jeddah as he was to fill in for Sainz, who went out due to appendicitis. Then, the young Briton paired up with Charles Leclerc and gave a tough fight against the entire grid.


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More surprisingly, Bearman almost out-qualified Lewis Hamilton in Q3. This made the legend call Ollie, “a bright future star.” Oliver Bearman’s fearlessness awed Charles Leclerc as well.“He has done an incredible job and he should be extremely proud of himself. To score points in his first F1 race, starting 11 and gaining positions is a huge effort,” Leclerc complimented.

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However, this strategy of introducing a young and fresh talent into the Haas garage could be a masterstroke. These new drivers would bring a new perspective to the team which could potentially benefit Haas in the long run. Moreover, as some experts are speculating, Ferrari is looking up to him as the next Lewis Hamilton for the Red Squad. And that tag itself weighs more than the young man could ever fathom!


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Now, it seems like Oliver Bearman will be zooming through the F1 tracks with a lot of hope from his fans. With compliments and blessings from Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc, the young boy from Britain is good to go for Haas. Meanwhile, the prospects of Bearman becoming the next Ferrari star aren’t dim just yet. And maybe, his move to Haas is a part of the scheme. After all, F1 is not just a sport, but almost like a suspense thriller movie. Thus, Bearman’s performance in FP1 of the British Grand Prix will be worth a sight, and what he is capable of doing once again is something fans could bet on.

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