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Charles Leclerc: Incredible Handwritten Notes After His First Test Run Snapped

Charles Leclerc: Incredible Handwritten Notes After His First Test Run Snapped

Charles Leclerc

For all the secrecy that Formula One teams operate in, Charles Leclerc is certainly bucking that trend. A particular screen grab surfaced during the pre-season test ahead of the 2020 F1 season. Apparently, some images surfaced where he showed his notes for each run. Admittedly, the Monegasque driver does have fairly neat hand-writing, and his reports are quite brief.

In spite of the brevity, Charles Leclerc did convey key details on his first run for Ferrari. His observations noted that the track conditions were fairly suitable. Furthermore, he did not encounter any issues during the tyre warm-up. However, it was not all smooth sailing for the Ferrari star. Apparently, he encountered “a bit of understeer mid-corner in the long high-speed corners like T10/11 and 15”

Of course, once Scuderia Ferrari see Leclerc’s notes, they will most likely act upon the feedback. The Maranello outfit will make the necessary adjustments in order to curb the understeer issues in those corners.

Why is Charles Leclerc running?

The initial plan was for Sebastian Vettel to be the first to put the car through its paces. Unfortunately, illness sidelined the German driver, and he was excused from driving. Vettel was supposed to have the car to himself all day, but his body clearly had other ideas. So, he will instead run on the second day and share testing duties with Charles Leclerc, depending on his health.

It is also worth noting that for a team like Ferrari, it is strange to see images of Leclerc displaying valuable data. Ferrari is generally quite secretive, so such images are strange, unless Scuderia Ferrari are trying to be more open.

On the other hand, it is unknown if Leclerc will get into trouble for this little stunt. Already, he ruffled some feathers when he went behind Ferrari’s backs to go skydiving, though he has learned his lesson.

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