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Charles Leclerc Picks His Fiercest Rival in F1

Charles Leclerc Picks His Fiercest Rival in F1

One of the biggest questions of the 2020 season is, ‘Will Sebastian Vettel Stay in Formula One’. Admittedly, teammate Charles Leclerc prefers that the German driver stays on. However, if Vettel leaves Ferrari, Leclerc would love to have a “fast” driver in Vettel’s place.

Luckily for Leclerc, Vettel could begin contract negotiations later on this year. This is largely because the 4-time world champion would want to see Ferrari’s progress before coming to a decision. On the other side of the fence, Ferrari can also observe Vettel and see if he has cut out the errors that plagued his 2019 season.

Moving on, Charles Leclerc previewed the 2020 Formula One season. The Monegasque driver noted that defending champion Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen will be his biggest threats.

Charles Leclerc vs Lewis Hamilton

Back in 2019, one notable battle between Leclerc and the Mercedes star was durign the Italian Grand Prix. Leclerc pushed the boundaries with some robust defending as he kept Hamilton at bay.

Speaking about that fight, Leclerc confessed, “He said a dirty word but not in negative way, probably he wasn’t happy but he said it laughing. He knows that that battles are part of the game.”

The 22-year old confessed that despite the incident he has tremendous respect for Hamilton.

Vs Max Verstappen

Charles Leclerc also acknowledged that his rivalry with Max Verstappen was a completely different situation. The two drivers share a long-running rivalry since their younger days. Charles Leclerc even confessed that he adopts a “more aggressive” stance when fighting the Red Bull driver.

He disclosed, “I don’t agree I think we have improved a lot our relationship. 10 years ago in Kart things were different, now we have grown up. Our battle are close to the limit but this is what fans want.”

“Rivalry is intense because we have grown up together and it is probably a more aggressive battle compared to me and Hamilton. I feel I get more aggressive when I fight with Max.”

Despite this, he insisted that once the race is over, he has a lot of respect for Verstappen and Hamilton

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