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Charles Leclerc’s GF Alexandra Accused of ‘Showing True Colors’ as Ugly Past Comes Knocking to Fans’ Shock

Published 09/28/2023, 6:00 AM EDT

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The glitz and glamour of Formula 1 often extend beyond the racetracks, engulfing the personal lives of those associated with the sport. Who better than Charles Leclerc to tell about it? A few months back, Leclerc had requested his fans to leave him alone & not monitor every aspect of life closely. While that saga has subsided, recently, Alexandra Saint Mleux, better known to the public as Leclerc’s girlfriend, found herself thrust into the limelight due to her past Twitter activity.

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In the high-speed world of Formula 1, where racers zoom past in a blink, social media seems to have a memory that’s, well, a tad bit longer. Alexandra has had a bit of a bumpy ride lately on the digital landscape. Several fan accounts dedicated to her have mysteriously hit the brakes and the reason? A Twitter blip from 2017 where she seemingly liked a controversial tweet.

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An Instagram account named @f1gossipofficial posted some images, seemingly to explain what was going on. The first image reads. “Hello, I decided to not continue this account.. I was one of the first Fanpages (my old account got deleted) and even the first page who got to talk to Alexandra and that was really lovely and I was really happy and 100% excited about this but seeing the liked tweet just made me a bit upset.”


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“I’m mixed too and I wouldn’t like to make a page about this kind of person and seeing people call her “Queen” and whatever is just wrong for me. Hope you understand.”

Now, fans have been quick on the draw with their opinions. Some say, “People change! It’s been 6 years!”, while others remain skeptical about her past actions. To add to the mix, the Instagram page also revealed a tête-à-tête Alexandra had with a fan page, leading to even more discourse.

Nestled between the bustling world of F1 social media drama, it’s clear that the race isn’t always limited to the tracks. Alexandra, basking in the fiery glow of her partner Charles Leclerc’s success, is no stranger to this.

Alexandra finds herself in the midst of a trial by fire (of the fans)

The paddock chatter? A Twitter slip from 2017. The course of action? Fans, in true pit crew style, sprang into action with their hot takes. One fan mused, “She’s dating one of the most famous F1 drivers with fangirls galore. What did she expect?” Ah, the age-old challenge of dating someone in the limelight. Honestly, it might be easier to handle a tire change in 2 seconds!

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Starting with the sassy declaration, “She & Kelly are just showing their true selves,” it’s clear everyone’s revving their engines with strong opinions. But hey, every grand prix has its twists and turns, and so does the world of celeb dating!


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Some are drawing parallels to other WAGs (Wives And Girlfriends for the uninitiated), like Oscar’s partner, who prefers a low-key pit lane instead of the limelight. But, dear readers, isn’t every love story unique, like a car’s aerodynamics? 😜


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And oh, speaking of aerodynamics, some comments truly took off! “This cancel culture IS cancerous,” shouted one, echoing the sentiment of many who feel one shouldn’t be cornered for a pit stop made eons ago. Others, however, were quick to wave the caution flag, emphasizing the tweet’s origin.

While Alexandra’s fan page pit stops have raised eyebrows and questions like “Why even have fan accounts for WAGs?”, it’s a grand reminder that fame isn’t a one-size-fits-all suit. Some love the tailored fit, while others like Alexandra, it seems, would rather pass.

“🥰💞💖” or “🐍”, emotions ran wild! Though let’s remember, hindsight is 20/20, and as one user pointed out, she was possibly 15 back then. Kids do the darnedest things!


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On the final lap, a heartfelt plea emerges amidst the roar: “Just f**king let her LIVE!!!” It’s a race, folks, but also a journey. Whether in the F1 circus or life’s Grand Prix, let’s give each other space to overtake, brake, and occasionally, make a pit stop.

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