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Claire Williams Believes Selling the Team “Is a Good Thing”

Claire Williams Believes Selling the Team “Is a Good Thing”

Claire Williams

Williams F1 team deputy team principal Claire Williams believes the potential sale of the team is a positive step forward for Williams. With the Grove-based outfit revealing that it was putting a majority stake for sale, many fans feared the team would disappear from the sport.  However, Claire clarified that the team would compete in the 2020 Championship season.

Williams: “it shouldn’t be looked at in a negative way”

Things have gone from bad to worse for the historic British team. After enduring one of their worst seasons in F1- scoring a single point and finishing last, Williams had to deal with the financial crisis-induced by Coronavirus.

Sadly, Williams’s financial woes only got worse with the team confirming its sale. The British team had a falling out with title sponsor- Rokit over alleged nonpayment of dues. The team confirmed that it was cutting ties effective immediately. To make matters worse, Williams posted a loss of 13 million pounds in 2019.

Now, the team had no option but to put up for sale and hope for the best. Apparently, Canadian businessman Michael Latifi loaned approximately 50 million pounds to aid the team.

With its title sponsor gone, Williams is yet to unveil its updated livery. Nevertheless, Clarie believes there’s plenty to look forward to with the impending sale. Speaking to Sky F1, Claire said:

“It’s funny, I’ve been getting so many emails of condolences from people. I get that, it’s much appreciated, but I’m looking at this from a really positive perspective,

“The investment that we’re looking for is going to help us achieve that. So for me, this is a good thing that we’re doing, and it shouldn’t be looked at in a negative, disappointing way, or anything other than positive.

“The people at Williams understand that and they’re excited. This could potentially give us a very positive future.”

“We are so lucky with the support that we get around the world from our fans, they’re the best fans out there,”

Williams desperately needs a turnaround and the perfect way to do that is by challenging the midfield. Otherwise, Willimas could be transforming into a perennial backmarker team in F1.

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