“COVID!”- Watch Daniel Ricciardo and Ted Kravitz Engage in Banter After the Hungarian Grand Prix

July 21, 2020 9:31 am

During the latest edition of Ted’s Notebook, Sky F1 presenter Ted Kravitz engaged in some banter with Daniel Ricciardo. After speaking about Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari, and McLaren, he planned to take a small breather.

However, Ricciardo happened to be approaching when he decided to play a small prank on Kravitz.

He slowly began to advance towards the presenter, with the latter trying to observe social distancing and backing up. Daniel Ricciardo then began to close in on him quickly, and a panicked Kravitz tried to run, screaming, “COVID!”

The presenter proceeded to say that everyone had undergone testing in the past couple of days. Then, he decided to exact some revenge on Ricciardo for the prank.

What did he say about Daniel Ricciardo?

Kravitz took a dig at Ricciardo’s facial features, especially his large nose. He asked, “Does the swab go more easily up your nose than other people?”

That unexpected question evoked a guffaw out of the Australian. As the last word, Ricciardo shot back, “Are you being a p***k right now?” The swear word prompted Kravitz to apologize and keep the program a little more child-friendly.

Coming to the race itself, Daniel Ricciardo finished in P8 and picked up four precious points. However, the race was a disappointing one for Renault, with Esteban Ocon down in 14th place.

In addition to that, Ricciardo was rather miffed at Lance Stroll for last weekend’s race in Austria. He was adamant that the Canadian’s late lunge should have copped a penalty.

Apparently, Stroll’s Racing Point attacked him on the inside while heading into Turn 3. However, he ended up running off-track and forced Ricciardo’s Renault to go off with him.

As a further slap in the face, The Canadian re-joined ahead of the Australian. Much to Ricciardo’s chagrin, the stewards’ investigation yielded no further action, so Stroll retained his 7th place ahead of him.

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