Daniel Ricciardo and George Russell Engage in Wholesome Instagram Banter Ahead of the Turkish GP

November 13, 2020 6:19 pm

Daniel Ricciardo is a sweetheart on the track. Although still very young, he is an inspiration for young drivers. His extraordinary stint with Red Bull and his late wins with Renault show that he is going to zoom past many in 21′.

Ricciardo is the one of the most humble racers on the grid. The childish warmth with which he approaches everyone makes fans fall in love with him. However, it is not just fans but also fellow competitors who admire his presence.

Earlier, social media spotted George Russell sharing a moment of admiration with the Renault No.3. The Williams racer had liked a picture of Ricciardo wearing his Renault Merchandise with the comment,” Daymnnn Daniel.”

Daniel Ricciardo further replied to the young Briton saying, ” fine I’ll send you a hat,” referring to his brand’s merchandise.


This could have ended here for any other racer, but not for Daniel Ricciardo. He will always find time for his fans, on or off the track. George Russell recently posted a story on Instagram with Daniel Ricciardo wearing the hat from the Aussie.

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Daniel Ricciardo and George Russell are equally humble

Daniel is arguably the most humble soul on the grid. He has zero spark of arrogance within him and can always comfort you in any situation. George Russell is almost a mirror reflection of the Aussie.

The driver from Williams is yet to score his first championship points. However, he is way ahead of many in terms of humility and compassion.

Formula One F1 – Turkish Grand Prix – Istanbul Park, Istanbul, Turkey – November 12, 2020 Williams’ George Russell walks around the track with team members ahead of the Turkish Grand Prix REUTERS/Murad Sezer

Back at Imola, when Russell rammed his car into the sidewall, he was dejected and broken. He knew he had led his team down and again failed in scoring his first points.

He could have secluded himself, but he chose otherwise. He posted an apology to the entire team for the blunder.

This brave step from Russell got a lot of support from the Mercedes camp. Both Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff praised him for his humility. Lewis consoled him, saying that it is okay to make mistakes so early in his career.

Daniel Ricciardo and George Russell have an age gap of almost 10 years. However, the gentle behavior of both strikes an unusual similarity between them. George Russell has a lot to learn yet, but he is optimistic about his Turkish Grand Prix.

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