Daniel Ricciardo Believes Renault “Has a Bit Less to Lose” in 2020

June 29, 2020 3:55 pm

2020 will be the last time fans see Daniel Ricciardo in a Renault. Last month it was announced that the Australian has agreed to join McLaren for the 2021 season.

However, with a whole season of racing still to go, before his impending switch, the jolly natured racer from Down-Under will want to do his best for the French team.

Last season, Renault fell 54 points behind McLaren in the chase for ‘the best of the rest’ title. But this season Ricciardo is confident that they’ll put on a better show.

Daniel Ricciardo thinks that Renault has closed the gap with the front-runners

Daniel Ricciardo

Speaking to Sky Sports, Daniel Ricciardo said that he feels his team has improved, based on the results of winter testing. He said, “What we took from testing in Barcelona, the midfield, at least from our predictions was like all within a tenth. I think there’s going to be four or five teams within a very, very small margin.

“I’d like to say that we have closed the gap to the top. Of course, the likes of Mercedes are still going to be pretty tricky to overcome, at least early in the season.

“But the midfield stuff, as you mentioned, you know Racing Point, McLaren, and all the other teams in there, it’s going to be tight.

However, he admits that predicting who’ll come out on top will be tricky. He terms it as a “flip of the coin,” when it comes to picking who will emerge triumphant among the mid-field runners.

Furthermore, he said, “I think as well, (for) us in the midfield, there’s a bit less to lose as far as risk and reward is concerned (as compared to the front-runners).

“I think we will take the chances and hopefully come off with a few big results, whether it’s 8 races, 12, 15 – who knows how many we get.”

Daniel Ricciardo will be aiming to better the 54 point season he had last year. He’d also be hoping to leave Renault with a podium under his belt, which would double up as a good parting gift before he heads to the Woking-based outfit for 2021.


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