Watch: Daniel Ricciardo Has A Fantastic Way to Stay Sharp During the F1 Shutdown

By 1 month ago

Formula One drivers are required to be lightweight, agile, and very responsive. These drivers are one of the fittest athletes in the world. Their workouts involve not just physical training but also mental preparation. Daniel Ricciardo, however, seems to have come up with a mind-blowing way to improve his reaction times.

Putting Some Fun into Training?

Hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes are crucial to a driver’s success. Daniel Ricciardo seems to be spending his time in self-quarantine perfecting his reflexes. The Australian uploaded a video to Instagram of driving a high-speed offroad vehicle. He captioned the video as “Reflex training“.

F1’s Honey Badger can be seen driving at speeds ranging between 35 MPH to 65 MPH. He was driving in the wild, trying not to crash into anything while making high-speed turns. This looks like a bit of an obstacle course involving a lot of precision driving. Being the speed junkie that he is, Ricciardo certainly seems to have enjoyed this drive. Perhaps he was trying to make up for a lack of F1 this year?

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F1 drivers need low response and reaction times to be able to make split-second decisions on track and realize these. They must have extraordinary neuromuscular capabilities to ensure that they react to stimuli quickly while driving at 200 MPH. Typically, to build these capabilities, drivers push buttons that light up or try catching a ball left to gravity’s pleasing before it hits the ground. Other sports such as badminton, ping pong, juggling, and boxing also help to improve peripheral vision and reaction time.

Other than driving in the woods, Daniel has been taking to farming. The Renault driver recently announced that he will be moving to McLaren in 2021, thus ending his journey with the French manufacturer and F1 team. This news came as one of the many transfers that began with Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari parting ways. Reports also suggested that Daniel Ricciardo will be taking a big pay cut on joining McLaren.

Despite these unprecedented times, for both the world and the F1 community, Ricciardo still hasn’t failed to keep us entertained with his goofiness.

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