Daniel Ricciardo Reveals a Long List of Complaints He Had with his Renault F1 Car

By 2 months ago

Daniel Ricciardo is set to enter his second season at Renault if the 2020 season does get underway. After a full year with Renault and plenty of time to get used to the environment, he is more than ready for 2020.

Recently, he spoke about what he learned last year and how it affects his preparation for the 2020 season. According to Ricciardo, it was mostly the idea of being in a familiar environment, and it makes him feel relaxed.

In his maiden race with Renault, Daniel Ricciardo had a nightmarish run, running into trouble after a few metres. He told F1 Racing magazine. “After Melbourne last year, I remember sending Cyril (Abiteboul, team boss) quite a long email with a whole list of things that we can do better, but it’s not going to turn around in one day or one week – we have to put things in place. This year, I want to come to the table with a plan of action – just be a bit more intelligent about the way I bring things to them, and sometimes taking action and initiative myself.”

How is Daniel Ricciardo going to tackle the 2020 season?

The French team are fairly confident that they are strong contenders for fourth place in the constructors’ championship. Given the gap between themselves and McLaren, those goals are fairly lofty.

However, Ricciardo is aware that it is important to set targets, though there is a need for fluidity. In other words, drivers need to adapt to positive or negative aspects. He noted that last year, there was a lot of movement. This included personnel coming in and out, some parts of the factory were still under construction and other things. However, Ricciardo is confident that his place is more concrete this time.

The Australian is aware of the similarity between the 2020 car and its predecessor. He concluded, “Things take time. And I think having, let’s say, an evolution of a 2019 car is the smartest way for us to make progress. Everyone wants the miracle, but we’re not in a position to do that, realistically. It’s been a long time since the team won, so that formula needs to be built up with a proper foundation. I trust this process; I think it’s the smartest way to do it.”

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