Daniel Ricciardo Teases His Fans With New Helmet Design

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Daniel Ricciardo is one of the most loved drivers on the F1 grid. The reason behind this is his quirky nature and his presence on the grid. He is quite famous for his helmet designs.

He used to drive for Red Bull Racing F1 up till the 2018 season. Ricciardo got a seat at Renault F1 in 2019 with Nico Hulkenberg. He started the season with a multi-colored helmet. It was pink, green, black and blue in color.

Daniel Ricciardo finished a moderately disappointing season for Renault F1 in the ninth spot in the championship, with 54 points. He finished in front of teammate Hülkenberg. On 29 August 2019, it was declared that Hülkenberg would be traded at Renault for the 2020 season and that Ricciardo would partner previous Force India driver and Mercedes reserve driver Esteban Ocon.

Daniel Ricciardo is unlike the other drivers. He is the fun-loving and peppy driver. During the 2017 Italian Grand Prix, there was a two and a half hours delay due to rain. Daniel was strolling through the pit garages and he stumbled across a cameraman. He took the camera from him and went inside the Mercedes F1 garage and started filming Lewis Hamilton. Just like taking over the camera, Daniel once took over the Mercedes F1 Instagram.

Daniel Ricciardo and his different helmets

Daniel Ricciardo has temporarily changed his helmet designs many times. Last year to commemorate the 1000th race he chose a retro grey design for his helmet. He credited Sir Jack Brabham for the design.

He once again changed his helmet design during the American Grand Prix. It was the design of the Texas Longhorns.

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Daniel Ricciardo unveiled a special helmet at the 2020 pre-season testing. The shoey star paid tribute to Kobe Bryant, the basketball great who tragically lost his life in January.

Today, Ricciardo teased his fans with a new camouflage design for his helmet for the upcoming season. The driver is still driving with number 3.

Check the new design

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