Decoding the Confusing Tweet Sent Out by Fernando Alonso for Sebastian Vettel

July 9, 2020 11:15 am

He’s back. Fernando Alonso is returning to the pinnacle of motorsport in 2021. However, that wasn’t the biggest talking point from yesterday. The Double World Champion posted a cryptic Tweet that is driving F1 fans crazy over Sebastian Vettel’s future. If you’re still wondering what we’re on about, fear not for we’ve got you covered.

Does Fernando Alonso have a crystal ball?

Following Renault’s official announcement, the F1 social media account posted an old ‘goodbye’ video for Fernando Alonso which featured several F1 drivers sharing their thoughts on the double World Champion.

Sebastian Vettel correctly predicted Alonso’s future and fans never saw it coming.

“Goodbye Fernando, see you when you come back,” said Vettel.

Alonso, who’s no stranger to being the ultimate troll, cheekily replied with “Soon Together” followed by a crystal ball gif. Whether on purpose or not, Fernando’s vaguely worded Tweet sent F1 fans into a tizzy over Seb’s future.

The internet was ablaze with fans suggesting Renault would sign Vettel for next season. With Vettel out of contract at the end of the year and his future uncertain, Seb landing a seat is only great news.

However, it’s highly unlikely for the 4-time World Champion to end up at the Enstone outfit.

Vettel to Renault?

For starters, Esteban Ocon has a contract with the French team until the end of next year. While team principal Cyril Abiteboul is outspoken about the team’s ‘deep pockets’, Renault’s present financial situation doesn’t warrant the team signing two blockbuster drivers that’ll cost a fortune.

Not to mention, Vettel and Alonso don’t necessarily get along. The double World Champion isn’t Sebastian’s biggest fan and teaming up with him seems like a long shot.

More importantly, Renault still has a driver academy to tend to despite its most recent signing.

That begs the question, what does Fernando Alonso’s Tweet actually mean? In all likelihood, Alonso’s probably referring to himself reuniting with F1 in 2021. As blurry as it seems, Fernando’s reply probably has no connection to Vettel whatsoever.

Now, some might question if the Spaniard’s talking about a future beyond 2021. Could Vettel join Renault in 2022? Sadly, nope.

The 4-time World Champion has made it clear that he isn’t interested in a sabbatical from the sport. Then again, silly season is just getting started. Does Fernando know something that we don’t?



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