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Despite Heartbreaking Split, Ex-Confidant Angela Cullen Sings the Praises of Lewis Hamilton After Conquering Her “Greatest Challenge” of Her Life

Published 06/22/2023, 11:45 AM EDT

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Lewis Hamilton and all F1 drivers for that matter live life in the fast lane. Despite that, Hamilton is an entrepreneur, an athlete, a model, a celebrity, and now a producer. All while still racing at the top level. The Briton has a can-do attitude and conquers every challenge in his way. His former Confidant seems to have learned a thing or two from Lewis’ attitude as she recently conquered her greatest challenge. However, despite the heartbreaking split, she did not forget about Hamilton and was full of praise for the Briton. What did Angela Cullen say about Hamilton?

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Lewis Hamilton and Angela Cullen share an inseparable bond that cannot be put into words. The Kiwi trainer has done so much for the Briton over the years ever since she joined Mercedes in 2015. Tagging along with the Mercedes driver everywhere on the race weekends. Unfortunately, Angela Cullen decided to leave Hamilton’s side earlier this season, probably when the 7X Champion needed her the most. However, despite being heartbroken, Lewis Hamilton posted a lovely message for Cullen on social media expressing his gratitude for all she had done and wishing her luck for her future goals. 


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The split must’ve been hard not on Lewis but also for Cullen. After all, Mercedes was her home for 7+ years. Nevertheless, Hamilton expressed how the Kiwi is still in contact with him and wishes him the best before the races. Continuing to support Hamilton and embracing the choices made by her, she recently posted an image of herself surfing. The Kiwi explained how surfing had been the greatest challenge faced by her and praised Lewis Hamilton for making it look easy. 

Cullen further explained how she’s committed to this passion and is taking small steps toward becoming a better surfer. Lewis Hamilton is a great surfer. The Briton is as passionate about surfing as Cullen is and is always up for riding the waves. Hamilton has been spotted surfing in Australia, Malibu, and Southeastern France. Looks like the Mercedes driver did have a lot of influence on Angela Cullen during her time on the team. 

Angela Cullen however seems to have moved on from the heartbreak. The Kiwi trainer has posted multiple pictures of herself on Instagram trying different things. She also seems to have found a new crew to work with as we speak. 

What has Angela Cullen been up to since splitting ways with Lewis Hamilton

Angela Cullen advised that she wants to pursue some other passions and goals in her life and that was the reason behind her leaving the team. As you’ve read earlier, Angela Cullen has been learning surfing and has multiple posts about it. Not only that, the performance coach is in Bali these days and has been working with the crew of Bali Training Centre. She even posted a picture with her crew thanking them for helping her get through the day. 


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Many other posts were showing her enjoying the best life as she practices yoga, went skiing and even tried her hand at different meditation techniques. Cullen even dared to go skydiving and has posted multiple videos of jumping from a plane alone solo. Looks like Cullen is ticking all the boxes when it comes to fulfilling her passion and goals outside of the F1 world.


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Do you think Angela Cullen misses living in the fast lane? Will she make a comeback to F1? 

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