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Drone Footage Shows Zandvoort Replacing Challenging Gravel With Easy Tarmacs

Drone Footage Shows Zandvoort Replacing Challenging Gravel With Easy Tarmacs


The 2020 Formula One season is steadily approaching, and so is the Dutch Grand Prix‘ return. So, the Zandvoort circuit authorities are rushing to finish preparations to receive the F1 circus.

According to the latest developments, Zandvoort’s famous gravel traps will be replaced. Drone footage at the circuit made this piece of news evident, as the facelift continues.

When news broke of the iconic circuit’s return to F1 since 1985, there were plenty of concerns. So, proposals for run-off areas were introduced to improve safety at certain areas of the circuit.

The company in charge of the renovations is Dromo Circuit Design. They insisted that the radical renovations will not alter the character and diminish the challenge.

Jorg de Bruijn posted some footage of the renovations on YouTube. According to it, most corners will have run-off areas installed. Those tarmac run-off areas are concentrated around Tarzan (Turn 1), Turn 9, and the Audi-S chicane at Turns 12 and 13.

Are there other areas at the Zandvoort circuit?

Earlier, there were reports of an 18-degree banking at the final corner of the Zandvoort circuit. There is work being done in that section as well, with more tarmac run-offs being laid out.

For obvious reasons, the Dutch circuit does not look like it is ready yet. However, the Aston Martin Red Bull team conducted some promotional events at the venue. With no indication that the track is close to getting ready, the authorities are desperately trying to finish the work before the race weekend on 3rd May 2020.

The circuit is truly iconic and many long-time Formula One fans will be glad to see it return after many years. To make matters even better, the Dutch fans finally have a home race along with local favourite, Max Verstappen. The Red Bull driver himself will be eager to deliver a good performance in front of his adoring Orange Army.

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