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“Drunk” Max Verstappen’s Post-Monaco GP Win Antics Leave Fans Awestruck as He Parties the Night Away

Published 05/30/2023, 1:15 PM EDT

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James Hunt for known for his life off track as much as it was on track. Ruthless and Aggressive like Max Verstappen. Looks like Verstappen is trying to copy his off-track lifestyle as well. Hunt was all about enjoying life and partying when off the racing track. As Max Verstappen parties away his night after winning the Monaco GP, the fans are left awestruck.

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Coming into Monaco, many speculations were made around Max Verstappen and Red Bull’s chances of winning the Monaco GP. Pundits suggested that the Ferrari and Aston Martin will be better around Monaco as it would suit their cars more. Red Bull having the deficiencies in slow-speed corners will affect them as straight-line speed isn’t important in Monaco. 


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Nevertheless, Max Verstappen got rid of all these speculations by securing the pole on Saturday. The Dutchman then ran a brilliant race on Sunday, getting off the line clean, making the right strategy calls, enduring the rain, and winning the race with a 20+ sec gap to Fernando Alonso in P2. A win like this, especially at the Crown Jewel of F1, calls for a mega celebration, doesn’t it?

Well, Max Verstappen did celebrate but we are not sure if we can call it a mega-celebration. According to a video Tweeted by @ScuderiaFemboy, Max Verstappen was at a party next to the DJ. Verstappen can be seen waving his hand like it’s a dance move even when the music is not on. The caption for the Tweet is “1637 gin & tonics later and bros dancing to music that’s not there omg 😭” 

In the video, it really doesn’t seem like Verstappen has the full attention and looks a little tipsy. The fans are awestruck as the Dutchman partied his night away. Let’s see what they had to say about it

Fans react to Max Verstappen partying his night away after the Monaco GP win

Fans took to Twitter as they were induced in a state of awe by Max Verstappen’s partying skills. Some suggested that Drunk Max is better than the normal Max explaining that Verstappen was long gone before the video was taken. While some suggested that drunk Max is actually cute and that the video is very funny. Let’s see how the fans reacted on Twitter:


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Some people explained how Max Verstappen can be funny sometimes referring to his tipsy state while others asked someone to give him a ride back home.


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