Lewis Hamilton: The World Doesn’t Need a New Circuit

October 9, 2020 3:11 pm

The world is still suffering from the global pandemic. There are several countries that have survived and recovered, yet more than half of the world still ails. In such a situation, deforestation is the last thing that should be on our minds. Well, Lewis Hamilton feels the same way. He agrees that given the time, the move to build yet another circuit may not be wise.

Although Brazil already has a fully functional race track in Sao Paulo, F1 is planning to build another one in Rio de Janeiro. The new circuit met with several protests and petitions as it might lead to chopping down the Camboatao Forest.

The project might involve the merciless felling of 70,000 trees.

“I don’t know all the details of it. I heard that it’s potentially going to be sustainable; But the most sustainable thing you can do is not tear down any trees, particularly in a time where we’re fighting a pandemic, and there continues to be a global crisis around the world; I don’t think with deforestation and everything,

“I don’t think it’s a smart move. I don’t have the details of why, but it’s not something I personally support,” declared the 6-time World Champion.

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Lewis Hamilton would personally hate killing nature in Rio

The champion has a piece of his heart in Brazil. He expressed how the people are lovely and how he has several fans in the country. “Firstly, I love Brazil when I think this. I think my biggest following is in Brazil.


The Brazilian people in their love to me and the support I’ve had over the years has been immense, I think. My personal feelings are that the world doesn’t need a new circuit.

“I think there is plenty of circuits in the world that are great. I love Interlagos, I have been to Rio, and it is a beautiful place,” said Lewis.

Brazil was one country to have experienced severe impacts of COVID-19. Therefore, deforestation should be the last thing on their books right now. The plea already faces a petition with signatures over 28 million. The #brazilsaysnotodeforestation is also going viral on social media.

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Indrasish Ganguly

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